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Faculty and Staff


  • Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

  • Lauren Williams
  • Vee Kennedy

Faculty Fellows (Winter 2020)

  • Dr. Stephanie Casey
  • Dr. Laura McMahon
  • Dr. Matt Cook
  • Dr. Bendan Fay
  • Dr. Amy Johnson
  • Dr. Brooke Dagnan

General Education Program

101 Boone
[email protected]

The General Education Conference: Making General Education Visible

Coming this fall to an EMU near you, the Second Annual General Education Conference!

Last year's program notes:

General Education Program

Education for participation in the global community.

The General Education Program is the basis for life long learning and participation in a global world. It provides a rich experience, across a wide range of academic activities, and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. Like a major, it is a program that students must complete in order to earn a bachelors degree.

Our "Guiding Principle"

The General Education Program at Eastern Michigan University is the core of an undergraduate education. It is general in that it provides students with a comprehensive educational experience and prepares them for participation in a global world. General Education teaches students to think critically and communicate effectively; it provides an introduction to the methodologies and practices of the academic disciplines; and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

What's New?!

Interested in High Impact Practices? Check out the AAC&U conceptualization.

TCA (Transfer Credit Application) and EMU Course Processing System for advisors: 



General Education FAQ

For Students

For Faculty, Staff and Advisors

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