Education for participation in the global community.

The General Education Program is the basis for life long learning and participation in a global world. It provides a rich experience, across a wide range of academic activities, and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. Like a major, it is a program that students complete in order to earn a bachelors degree. The program itself is adaptable to different phases of a student's Bachelor's degree process and their ultimate personal aims.

A university education is about more than just classes. Students involved in activities outside of the classroom have higher retention rates and more positive educational experiences. Learning Beyond the Classroom encourages students to obtain hands-on experience and to learn about professionalism; it also provides a way to apply classroom knowledge.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The degree requirements of the general education program at Eastern Michigan University make up the liberal arts core of your degree. Together with your major and minor (the research core of your degree), and co-curricular activities (the relation and identity building component of your degree), our program rounds out your learning as you head back to your homes and communities to complete projects that matter to you and yours.