Student Research

The History Section strives to support and recognize our students' historical research and writing.

Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference

Every year several of our students present their original research at EMU's Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference. Sharing the results of your research at these events gives you the valuable experience of presenting at a conference and lets others recognize your scholarly work.

  • 2020 Undergraduate Symposium Presentations

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    • Childhood and Play in Krishna Bhakti Traditions
      Makoto Takata
      James Egge, Faculty Mentor
    • Female Genital Mutilation in Africa: Cruel or Cultural?
      Katelyn Beveridge
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Chinese Investments in Africa: Myth, Fact and Reality
      Cody Chambers
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Resilient Women: Entrepreneuring Igbo Women, Nigeria
      Alex T. King
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Powerful Women: Iron Lady, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, 2006-2016
      Maryam Suleyman
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Powerful Women: Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement in Kenya
      Thomas Stanley
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Support for Gays and Lesbians in South Africa: Tensions and Ironies
      Heather J. Weigel
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Rwanda: Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment 25 Years Post-Genocide
      Joanne Wisely
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • West African Troops During the Burma Campaign, 1943-1945
      Liza Jane Throne
      Joseph Engwenyu
    • The Battlefront Back Home: How Ypsilanti Really Felt About Fighting to Free The Slaves
      Leigh Young
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • “What Right Has Such a Scoundrel to Be Honored by a Top-Supported Institution of Learning?”
      Shelbie Torok
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • “Only a Postponement of the Inevitable”: EMU Faculty, Unionization, and the AAUP
      Isaac Vanderwal
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • “Yo‒This Way to EMU”: Eastern Michigan University Recruitment Marketing Strategy from 1980 to 2010
      Kaitlyn Eby
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • Black Dissent: A Fight for Student Rights
      Christian Watts
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • An Apologetic Defense
      John Milkovich
      Mark Whitters, Faculty Mentor
    • The Fight for the Copley Medal
      William Hasey
      Mark Whitters, Faculty Mentor
  • 2020 Graduate Research Conference Presentations

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    • "A Lesson on Inhumanity: The Church and Genocide in Rwanda"
      Fred Daniels
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • "Deus Intervenit, Homo Interpretatur"
      Justin Krasnoff
      Ronald Delph, Faculty Mentor
    • "The Memory and Image of Charlemagne as the Once and Future Crusading Emperor"
      Marie Sarnacki
      Ronald Delph, Faculty Mentor
    • "'O Zelus Imitabilis Mulieris!': The Contributions of Noncombatant Women to the Wider Crusader Movement"
      Rachael Schnurr
      Ronald Delph, Faculty Mentor

Thesis and Independent Study

In addition to regular coursework, students may undertake a research project for credit toward graduation. Students considering a thesis or independent study project should talk with the professor with whom they would like to work.

  • 2019-20 Honors Theses

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    • Children and Childhood in the Bhagavata Purana and Its Theatrical Traditions
      Makoto Takata
      James Egge, Faculty Mentor
    • The Crucible of Christendom: Roman Catholicism and the reign of Franz Joseph
      Joseph Aninos
      Jesse Kauffman, Faculty Mentor
    • Phoenician Funerary Masks and Pendant/Head Beads: A Feature Analysis and Catalogue
      Alexandria Miller
      Philip Schmitz, Faculty Mentor
  • 2019-20 M.A. Theses

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    • Daniel Bowlin, "The American Phantasmagoria: The Rise of Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century America" (John McCurdy, thesis chair)

    • Trace Brusco, "Volunteering to Lead: Combat Affairs that Shaped the Command Philosophy of Major Rufus R. Dawes, USA, and Captain James Cooper Nisbet, CSA (1861-1862)" (Steven Ramold, thesis chair)

    • Scott Bullock, "Separately Registered Marriages, Proxy Marriages, and the Regulation of Japanese Marriages under U.S. Immigration Law, 1950-1956" (Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, thesis chair)

    • Joyce Goik, "Elizabeth Bacon Custer: How She Challenged the 'Cult of True Womanhood'" (Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, thesis chair)

    • Philip Kotwick, "Student Activism at Eastern Michigan University, 1961-1970" (Steven Ramold, thesis chair)

    • Taylor Styes, "Charles Horton Cooley and the Social Gospel Influence" (Richard Nation, thesis chair)

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