Student Research

The History Section strives to support and recognize our students' historical research and writing.

Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference

Every year several of our students present their original research at EMU's Undergraduate Symposium and Graduate Research Conference. Sharing the results of your research at these events gives you the valuable experience of presenting at a conference and lets others recognize your scholarly work.

  • 2019 Undergraduate Symposium Presentations


    • Understanding Sharī’ah: Islamic Law in its Historical Context
      Sister Maria Benedicta Bete
      Mark Whitters, Faculty Mentor
    • What Impact Did the Detroit Riot of 1967 Have On the Kerner Commission’s Report of 1968?
      Joshua Campeau
      Mark Higbee, Faculty Mentor
    • Dodging the Bullet: African American Draft Resistance in Canada During the Vietnam War
      Mia Colavito
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • West Africans and the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis 1935-1936
      Jimmy Davis
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Fish Lake: A History of Restoration
      Sarah Fisher
      Richard Nation, Faculty Mentor
    • “You Have to Be Careful of the After-clap”: Changing Attitudes to Rural School Modernization
      Maxwell Harrison
      Richard Nation, Faculty Mentor
    • Environmental Mismanagement and Development in the Tunica, Mississippi Delta Floodplain, 1850-2010
      Emily Marcil
      Richard Nation and Bruce Conforth, Faculty Mentors
    • Cold and Crude: American Oil During the Suez Crisis
      Rebecca Murphy
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • Religious Studies and New Testament Textual Criticism: A Summary of How We Get Our Bibles Today
      Sam Nesbitt
      Philip Schmitz, Faculty Mentor
    • “Leaders of Today:” Local Queer History and Student Groups in the Modern Gay Rights Movement
      Zephyr Osbourne
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor
    • An Introduction to the Science of Hadith
      Ali Qazwini
      Philip Schmitz, Faculty Mentor
    • Female Nationalist Archivists, Askari, and Guerilla Girls of Kenya and Zimbabwe
      Collin Rafferty
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • La Convivencia: An Unusual Definition of Tolerance
      Alexander Schweihofer
      Mark Whitters, Faculty Mentor
    • Keep Calm and Carry the Empire: Colonial Propaganda in WWII-Africa
      Josh Sheppard
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Marital Affection in Two Poems by Ashvaghosha
      Makoto Takata
      James Egge, Faculty Mentor
    • Ancient Magic and Wisdom of Italian Renaissance Magi: Hermeticism and Cabalism of Christian Humanists
      Blake Trinske
      Ron Delph, Faculty Mentor
    • The Growing Pains of Revolution: The Turbulent Decade of 1960’s Cuba
      Isaac Vanderwal
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy and Richard Stahler-Sholk, Faculty Mentors
    • Womyn and Other Contested Identities: Attendance Policies at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival
      Catherine Waldecker
      John McCurdy and Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentors
    • The Unsteady Transition: South Africa From Apartheid to Democracy, 1989-1994
      Jasmyn Williams
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Julius Nyerere on Socialism, Unity, and Development: Parallels with Kwanza
      Artero Wilson
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • The Genocide of the Highlanders: The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745
      Leigh Young
      Roger Long, Faculty Mentor
  • 2019 Graduate Research Conference Presentations

    • The American Phantasmagoria: The Rise of Spiritualism Within Antebellum America
      Daniel Bowlin Jr.
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor
    • Proxy Marriages and Sake Marriages: U.S. Law and the Japanese Marriage Cases, 1950-1956
      Scott Bullock
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • African Women and UN Conferences on Women’s Rights
      Maha Casey
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • A Smart Match
      Joyce Goik
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • Liberia: Creation of a Failed State
      Isaac Lee Klooster
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Negritude: An Intellectual Dynamic in Francophone African Colonial Experience
      Alex Logan
      Joseph Engwenyu, Faculty Mentor
    • Glorified Glamour Girls: Militarization of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
      Lacey Opdycke
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor
    • Girolamo Savonarola (1452-98): The Fashioning of a Prophet in Fifteenth Century Florence
      Ann Remp
      Ron Delph, Faculty Mentor
    • Political Activities of Manhattan Project Physicists, 1930-1945
      Sara Schultz
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor
    • Arsenal of Domesticity: Women, Relationships, and Gender Roles at Home During World War II
      Jesse Yaeger
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor

Thesis and Independent Study 

In addition to regular coursework, students may undertake a research project for credit toward graduation. Students considering a thesis or independent study project should talk with the professor with whom they would like to work.

  •  2018-19 Honors Theses
    • Dodging the Bullet: African American Draft Resisters in Canada During the Vietnam War
      Mia Colavito
      Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Faculty Mentor
    • Women Rising: The American Revolution and Evangelical Thought
      Roxanne Reinhardt
      John McCurdy, Faculty Mentor

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