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Undergraduate Programs

We offer several degree programs to help students meet their academic and professional goals.

History Major and Minor

Through the study of history, students gain an understanding of the past as well as several widely transferable skills. History majors learn how to think critically and to write clearly; they also learn to conduct research, interpret sources, and create compelling arguments and intriguing narratives. Students of history bring a historical and cross-cultural perspective to discussions of current affairs and can participate in public life as informed, thoughtful, and articulate citizens and leaders.

Social Studies and History for Secondary Education Majors

We offer five different majors for future middle school and high school teachers. The four Social Studies majors lead to certification to teach Economics, Geography, History, and Political Science, while the History/Geography major leads to certification in History and Geography only. We urge students considering these majors to meet with an advisor as early as possible to plan their course of study.

In Fall 2020, the teacher education component of these programs was made into a separate major. Students who elect one of the above majors from the 2020-21 or later catalog must also complete the major in Teaching and Learning (with Secondary Certification) in the College of Education. 

Religious Studies Major and Minor

Visit our Religious Studies webpage.

The discipline of Religious Studies describes, interprets, explains, and evaluates the variety of religious phenomena across cultures. By developing a nuanced, critical, and sympathetic understanding of how human beings have structured and given meaning to their lives, students of religion gain a broadened perspective on human cultures and societies. Religious Studies students also acquire widely transferable skills of analysis, research, and communication.

Area Studies Minors

These five minors allow students to study a world region from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and provide an excellent complement to a disciplinary major.

Social Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor complements a major in Economics, Geography, History, or Political Science. It is primarily intended to serve students who decide not to complete one of our Secondary Education Social Studies Comprehensive Majors, but it may also be elected by students seeking an interdisciplinary course of study in the social sciences.

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