Travel & Research Awards

The Clabaugh / Engle, Graves, Hill, Opperman Travel, and Wittke awards support participation in a travel class or in an academic program at a foreign university. There is a common application for the Clabaugh / Engle, Hill, Opperman Travel, and Wittke awards, while the Graves Scholarship has a separate application with different deadlines.

The Opperman Research award supports travel to archives for research. 

The Department offers additional support for travel to conduct research or to present at a conference; please ask your faculty mentor about this funding.

Awards and Criteria

  • Gavin Clabaugh and Margaret Engle Travel Award

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    To be used to support EMU students travel needs in either domestic or international travel courses. Must be enrolled in an EMU travel course during the semester in which the award is to be used. Available to EMU undergraduate students only with a major in history with a 3.2 minimum GPA. Students receiving financial aid as determined by the Office of Financial Aid are preferred.

  • Pamela Graves Scholarship for Study in the United Kingdom and Ireland

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    Created in memory of Professor Pamela Graves, this scholarship awards $1500 a year to one undergraduate student with the intent to fund study abroad in England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales, covering the costs of travel to and from the British Isles and other incidental expenses unique to studying abroad. Students must have demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to students interested in women's history; GPA is not considered in awarding this scholarship, and students merely must be in good standing (2.0). 

    The applications for the fall term are due February 15th; if no scholarship is awarded at that time, a second round of applications will be accepted October 15th for the winter term; and on February 15th of the next year for the summer term. 

  • Marilyn R. Hill Endowed Scholarship

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    Preference to graduate students studying through the Travel Study Program and intended for either tuition or travel expenses. If no qualified graduate student, then a qualified undergraduate may receive the award. 
    Applications are due November 23 for winter term classes, and March 15 for the summer term.

  • Opperman History Travel Fund

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    The Opperman History Travel Fund supports graduate and undergraduate majors who take a history course that travels as part of the course of study. Preference is given for international travel, which will receive a scholarship of $1000; if there are no qualified international applicants in a given year, an award of $500 will be given for a domestic travel course in the summer. 
    One award will be made for a course taken over winter term break, with applications due November 23rd; a second award is available for a summer term class, with applications due March 15th. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, if an undergraduate, and 3.5, if a graduate student, and have completed one semester at Eastern Michigan.  

  • Reinhard and Bert Wittke Travel Scholarship

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    This scholarship supports participation in international travel and study abroad. Priority consideration is given to a history section graduate student enrolled in an international program, after which an undergraduate junior or senior history section student enrolled in an international program may be considered. If no history section student is eligible, any University graduate student enrolled in an international program will be considered; failing that, any University undergraduate student enrolled in an international program can be considered. The student will have a GPA of at least 3.2 if an undergraduate student and a GPA of 3.5 if a graduate student. 
    Applications are due on November 23rd for winter term classes and March 15th for the summer term.  

  • Opperman History Research Fund

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    To support a student traveling to archives across the country and the world for research. Must be an undergraduate or graduate student in a History program.

    To apply for this funding, speak with the faculty member directing your research.

  • University- and College-wide Travel and Research Awards

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    Students should also apply to these sources of funding for research and travel to conferences:

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