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Graduate Programs

The History Section offers master's programs in history and social science.

Master of Arts in History

The standard M.A. in History program consists of two classes on research methods and historiography and 24 hours of elective courses on topics in history. Students complete the standard program by writing a comprehensive exam on two topics chosen by the student in consultation with faculty mentors. Students who choose the thesis program replace six hours of electives and the comprehensive exam with researching and writing a thesis. The thesis option is especially recommended for students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. in history. Students in either track may concentrate on particular historical fields, and may include an internship or study abroad in their course of study.

Master of Arts in Social Science

This program lets students combine coursework in Anthropology, Criminology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology to create an interdisciplinary course of study in the social sciences. The flexibility of this program enables a student to design a program that meets their particular intellectual interests and professional goals, and which draws on the strengths of five academic departments. Those considering this program should consult with the History Graduate Coordinator to map out a program of study.

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