Honors College Senior Projects

One of the requirements for students who are pursuing graduation with either departmental or highest Honors distinctions is the completion of a senior project. These projects can take the form of a senior thesis or a creative project, which criteria for completion will be determined with the student's Departmental Honors Advisor.

The type of project each student chooses will largely depend on their area of study and plans for post-graduation. The thesis/project may take various forms, including:

  • a lengthy research paper
  • a public performance
  • a documented lab experiment
  • a computer program
  • a work of art
  • a mathematical proof with appropriate documentation

Whatever form it takes, it should be a demanding exercise of approximately 150 hours of work. The result should demonstrate exceptional skill and understanding.

For non-traditional projects, the work should provide sufficient prefatory information to help contextualize the project for the reader. In addition, a section should be included that helps the reader understand the value of the work to the researcher and how it pushed the researcher’s own scholarly or creative work forward.

Please refer to the Senior Thesis Handbook [PDF] for more information.

Published theses are posted to the Digital Commons through Halle Library. You can also stop by The Honors College to view copies of past Senior Theses (located on the bookshelves near the Honors Commons).

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