Honors College Scholarships and Awards

Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Deadline: April 1 (fall and summer semester) & November 1 (winter semester)

The Honors College Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program is designed to support Honors students who are pursuing innovative creative projects and advanced scholarly research. Projects may include but are not limited to: artistic creation/performance; primary archival, laboratory, or field research; interpretive analysis/scholarship; preparing scholarship for publication; participation in professional conferences and activities. Project proposals require the sponsorship by a faculty mentor, who will oversee the timeline and completion of the proposed research/creative activity. Fellowships are competitive and awarded bi-annually, with the possibility of renewal.  

The program has three levels of funding:

  • Undergraduate Research Fellowship--$1500 stipend for scholarly/creative activity in one designated semester (fall or winter).  
  • Senior Thesis/Project Fellowship --$2000 stipend in one designated semester (fall or winter), specifically in support of a Senior Thesis/Project.  
  • Renewal of Current Research Fellowship --$1000 stipend for an additional designated semester; contingent on strength of renewal proposal and availability of funds.

Travel Grant Application [PDF]

At this time, Travel Grant applications will be considered only for students who are giving presentations at in-person regional or national professional conferences, and students must attach a letter accepting their presentation. If necessary, applicants may attach additional pages to provide a full description of the destination (including the location of the conference and the name of the conference) and the purpose of their travel. Travel Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funds are expended. Applications must be submitted to [email protected] at least a month prior to the date of travel and, ideally, two months before the date of travel.

Study Abroad Scholarship 

Due to the continuing worldwide uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, The Honors College has placed its Study Abroad awards on an indefinite hiatus. The program will be reopened in the future once the University allow the funding of travel to resume.

Founders Award [PDF]

Deadline: November 15 & April 1

To encourage and support experiential learning, The Honors College provides 2-3 awards of $500-$750 to support a carefully-planned experiential learning program scheduled to occur during the academic year.

The awards will be based on the following factors:

  • Quality of the proposal (clarity and thoroughness of goals and purpose)
  • Relevance of the experience to the student's educational and/or career goals
  • Likelihood of a high-quality, productive learning experience, based on the applicant's past record

Recipients will be chosen on the basis of a competitive application. At present, given the suspension of travel, the award will be provided for experiential learning activities not involving travel. Such activities include, but are not limited to, co-operative education placements, expenses associated with research or creative projects, and unpaid internship placements. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of faculty and staff.

Brown-Chappell Scholarship [PDF]

Deadline: November 15

Established by Dr. Betty Brown-Chappell and her family in recognition of her 17 years as a faculty member in EMU's School of Social Work, this $1,000 scholarship is intended to promote college completion by first generation or underrepresented students. Preference will be given to McNair Scholars, Honors students, CHHS students, and social work students.  

Susan and John Ullrich Endowed Scholarship [PDF]

Deadline: November 15

The Susan and John Ullrich Endowed Scholarship was created to honor an Eastern Michigan University student for leadership outside of the student's normal course of study (e.g., athletics, clubs, student government, community volunteerism, or social initiatives). The Honors College selects the recipient, but applicants need not be members of the college. The award is for $500-$750 (dependent on availability of funding).

Ross A. Oliver Student Leadership Endowed Scholarship [PDF]

Deadline:  November 15

This scholarship is designed to support students who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the campus community and, in particular, leadership that encourages and supports diversity. Although the scholarship is open to all students, preference is given to members of The Honors College. Award amounts range from $350 to $500.

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