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Applications now open: 2018 Annual Juried Student Show, 2/7/18 - 3/7/18

The AJSS is open to all undergraduate students and is the only show run by the Intermedia Gallery Group with cash prizes. If you made the piece while attending EMU, your submission is welcomed! For the application and more information, click here . Initial submissions cost $8, and only $5 for each additional piece. The opening reception is on February 13 from 4:30-6:30 PM. Please contact IGG's President Jordan Wilshaw at hwilshaw@emich.edu with any questions.


Honors Classes in Winter 2018

Honors registration begins on Tuesday, November 7, and you must complete at least one Honors class or contract in each academic year in order to remain in good standing with The Honors College. If you have any questions about your course schedule, please contact an advisor.

Also, if you were advised before October 16, please note that the following changes have been made to the Honors course offerings for Winter 2018.

These three classes have been cancelled:

CTAT 145H: Introduction to Film Appreciation (3 credits) (25335) M 2:00-2:50 AND W 2:00-3:50

LITR 171H: Imagining the Holy Lands (3 credits) (26260), MW 11:00-12:15 [Shichtman]

PSY 101H: General Psychology (3 credits) (21933) TR 2:00-3:15 TR 2:00-3:15 [Ellis] 

For this class, you must also sign up for a section of PSY 103 (a 1-credit lab) to fulfill the Gen Ed Natural Science requirement. The lab is not an Honors section.


And a new section of PSY 101H has been added:


PSY 101H: General Psychology (3 credits) (26974) TR 12:30-1:45 [Ellis] *For this class, you must also sign up for a section of PSY 103 (a 1-credit lab) to fulfill the Gen Ed Natural Science requirement. The lab is not an Honors section.


If you planned to register for any of the cancelled classes, please contact an advisor to discuss alternative classes.



Now Accepting Nominations: Soaring Higher Campaign

The Soaring Higher Campaign serves to recognize the outstanding work of Honors students, both in and outside of the classroom. Honors students, faculty, & staff are invited to nominate students who exemplify Honors values and pillars, including but not limited to Service, Academia, and Leadership.  Students nominated as winners will be recognized at the Star Lecture Series and will receive one free apparel item.You can nominate one of your peers as a Soaring Higher student by completing this form!








Advising Instructions for Winter 2018 Registration


Honors students can begin registering on Tuesday,  November 7th, for the Winter 2018 semester. If you would like to schedule an appointment with an Honors College advisor, please visit our online scheduling site. You will have the opportunity to meet with a member from our staff to discuss your Honors College requirements and General Education requirements. We can also help guide you to offices that will help you finalize your schedule for the winter semester. 

We expect to meet with all first-year students to discuss their Winter 2018 schedule, along with discussing their plans for graduating with Honors. All first-year students are required to meet with an advisor to have their pin lifted so they are able to register for winter semester, and although that does not have to be an Honors College advisor, we would certainly like to meet with you. Please be sure that the advisor you meet with is also able to lift your pin so you can register for your classes. If you are not able to see us before the first day of registration, be sure to still see us before the end of the semester so we can help finalize your schedule for the winter term. Also, if you know your intended major, we encourage you to set up a meeting with your respective program advisor to ensure you are on track with your program of study too. If you have any questions identifying your program and/or college advisor, please let me know so we can help you.


Details for Registration

a) PIN NUMBER: Honors students who have attained 60 or more credits can begin registering at 8:00 am. Honors students who have attained between zero and 59 credits can begin registering at 12 noon. The PIN # that you need to register is as follows: 

0-59 credits = 555555
60 credits or more = 666666

b) CHECK YOUR REGISTERED SCHEDULE: As you finalize your schedule, and register for courses, be sure to check your registered schedule to make sure that it reflects the schedule you intended (courses, times, Honors courses, etc.) and that there are no time conflicts.


Honors College Workshops


The Undergraduate Research Workshop is offered to help students begin pursuing research at EMU. Led by our Faculty Fellow, Suzanne Gray, you will have the opportunity to learn more about available resources at EMU that can aid you in your research, as well as how to begin developing a research topic and thesis. We encourage students as early as their first year at EMU to attend this workshop. Register for Undergraduate Research Workshops.

The Senior Thesis Workshop is designed to help students understand specific requirements related to their theses and to graduating with Departmental Honors. Dr. Ramona Caponegro will lead the workshop to help address questions you may have as you begin work on your thesis. We encourage students to attend this workshop no later than the semester before they begin their thesis for Departmental Honors, but we also encourage students who are considering the pursuit of Departmental Honors to attend as well, even in their first year. Register for any of the Senior Thesis Workshops.






November 30: QueerTalk

Join us for QueerTalk: An evening of queer centered workshops and research presented by LGBTQ+ identified members of the EMU community. QueerTalk will serve as an avenue for queer individuals to have their voices heard and expose folx to different perspectives within the queer community. While each presentation will relate to the queer community, everyone is welcome to attend. We especially encourage LGBTQ+ allies to attend in an effort to learn more about supporting our EMU community. This event will be co-hosted by the LGBTRC and The Honors College.