Honors College Signature Events

Building upon our legacy of excellence, the Honors College is recognized for its dynamic, nurturing community that supports and celebrates the scholastic, civic, and leadership potential and growth of its diverse students and faculty within an environment that fosters challenge, risk-taking, and creativity.  


The Soaring Higher Induction Ceremony is an event that occurs after a student has completed Honors Orientation. At this point, students have learned about The Honors College and its community. They are electing to pursue Honors and take on the responsibilities of being an Honors student. By participating in the Induction Ceremony, they are demonstrating their commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and membership in the Honors community.

At this event, students will hear from Honors members about beginning their path in Honors, learn the meaning behind The Honors College logo, recite the pledge and motto, and sign their name in the Induction Book.

Honors Stratford Trip

Each Fall, a group of Honors students accompany Dr. Ron Delph, an Honors professor, to Stratford, Ontario for a weekend to enjoy fabulous Stratford Theater. Usually, the trip consists of "three plays in two days", most of which are Shakespeare plays. This trip counts as study abroad and is very popular with Honors students. Tickets to attend are first come, first serve.   

The Honors College Picnic 

At the end of each academic year, The Honors College holds a picnic to get together and enjoy good company. It's a great time to see the many faces of Honors and to interact with the students, faculty, and staff.   

Undergraduate Symposium
Photo of two students presenting research.
Photo of two students presenting research.


The Undergraduate Symposium is a one-day program to recognize and celebrate the exceptional academic work of EMU undergraduate students. It is an excellent opportunity for participating students to share the results of their research and creative academic activities in a conference format through an oral presentation, poster display or exhibit format. Many of our Honors students present at the Undergraduate Symposium.

Presidential Scholarship Competition

This EMU scholarship competition awards 20 students a four year, full-ride scholarship. It is EMU’s largest academic award. It consists of an essay test, a personal interview, and a review of the student’s academic background. For more information on the Presidential Scholarship Competition, follow this link.

Star Lecture Series

The Star Lecture Series is a series of lectures given monthly over the course of the academic year. Each year has a different theme and all of the lectures speak to different aspects of that particular theme. The lectures are an engaging way to bring the Honors community together and provide a platform for us all to consider different issues with an open mind.

To see select previous Star Lectures, visit The Honors College's YouTube Page.


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