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Feedback Needed: Honors Events

Have ideas for how we could improve events at Honors? Are there events that you hope we continue to organize? Please click this link to fill out a survey for our programming team.






Exit Interviews


Summer 2018  Graduates: if you haven't already attended an exit interview, please sign up for one now. You must complete an exit interview by Tuesday, July 10 , and you must fulfill any pending Honors requirements by Wednesday, August 1


If you plan to graduate from EMU with Honors in Summer 2018, you need to register for an exit interview to discuss where you stand in terms of pending requirements and to ensure that you are set to graduate with Honors. During your exit interview, you will have the opportunity to address any pending Honors requirements and to submit any needed documentation for these requirements. If you are graduating in August, you must schedule an exit interview with our office by Tuesday, July 10.

You can schedule an exit interview by emailing me at rcaponeg@emich.edu. Exit interviews are by appointment only, so please be sure to email me to schedule an appointment and to receive additional instructions about applying to graduate from The Honors College. This appointment is an essential step in confirming that you have fulfilled your requirements to graduate with an Honors distinction.