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GRE Preparation Course, 5/14/18 - 6/14/18 , Eastern Michigan University

If you are planning on taking the GRE for Grad School, consider joining the GRE Prep Course co-sponsored by EMU’s McNair Scholars Program and EMU Student Government. This program is open to all students and staff and costs a total of $425, reduced from the usual cost of $1,299. Meetings are every Monday and Thursday from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM from May 14th to June 14th . See attached flyer for more details. To register, call 734-487-8240 or email kbrown4@emich.edu . Application deadline is April 20th .

Publishing Opportunity: Cellar Roots , EMU’s Award Winning Student-Run Literary and Arts Magazine

Cellar Roots is a student run magazine that publishes poetry, prose, visual art, film, and music created by undergraduate students at Eastern Michigan University. Our goal is to give a voice to these students by providing an easily accessible opportunity to express and showcase their creativity. We hope to bring together the talented minds of EMU through the spirit of diversity, integrity, dedication, and inclusion, and give them a collective voice. These soulful, passionate students not only take leaps in their career when they are published with us, but they grow and celebrate together as a community of creative minds.

Click here to see an online copy of our most recent issue. This publication accepts any submissions of creative writing, art, music, and film. If you are interested in making a submission, click here . Contact cellarroots@easternecho.com with questions or for more information.


Volunteers Needed: Honors Spirit Day, 3/21/18, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Honors student fellows are working hard to plan Honors Spirit Day, which will take place on Wednesday, March 21st . We are seeking volunteers for this event throughout the day. If you're interested, please fill out THIS form to indicate your availability.


Social Media Opportunity: Feature Student Friday

Click here to tell The Honors College about the amazing ways you are getting involved on or off campus and impacting our community! Chosen students will be featured on our social media platforms on Fridays. Please contact Hannah Zwolensky at hzwolens@emich.edu with any questions.


Volunteer Opportunity: 2018 Undergraduate Symposium Registration Table, 3/23/18, 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM , Student Center

EMU's Undergraduate Symposium is Friday, March 23 , and it is a tradition that students from The Honors College assist with the registration table at this event. Therefore, we are seeking volunteers to help with registration from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM. If you are able to help, please complete this form . Volunteers are asked to wear business professional attire and to meet in front of the Information Desk on the second floor of the Student Center. These volunteer hours can count toward your community service hours for University and/or Highest Honors. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Caponegro at rcaponeg@emich.edu.



Mid-East Honors Association Conference: March 23rd-25th , Columbus, Ohio

The Honors College is a member of the regional Honors organization, Mid-East Honors Association , and each year, the organization holds a conference for Honors students to present their research and work. Last year, we had the opportunity to host the conference, and this year, the conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio, March 23rd-25th..

You can find more information about this year's conference by going to the MEHA Annual Conference website.. It includes a description of this year's conference.


Honors Scholarships

Applications for Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowships and Senior Thesis Support Awards for Summer and Fall 2018 are due on  April 2 . These scholarships are designed to support undergraduate research in all disciplines and progress on students' senior projects, including creative projects and analytical theses.

 Applications for the Founder's Award for Summer B and Fall 2018 are due on  April 2 . This award is for Honors students participating in an experiential learning opportunity. 

 Applications for the Susan and John Ullrich Endowed Scholarship are due on  April 15 . This annual award honors an EMU student who has demonstrated leadership outside of their area of study.  

 You can learn more about these scholarships and their criteria on the  Honors Scholarships and Awards page. 

Exit Interviews

Winter 2018 Graduates: Please register now for your exit interview. You must complete an exit interview by  Friday, March 16 , and you must fulfill any pending Honors requirements by  Monday, April 2

If you plan to graduate from EMU with Honors in Winter 2018, you need to register for an exit interview to discuss where you stand in terms of pending requirements and to ensure that you are set to graduate with Honors. During your exit interview, you will have the opportunity to address any pending Honors requirements and to submit any needed documentation for these requirements. If you are graduating in April, you must schedule an exit interview with our office by Friday, March 16 .

 You can apply for graduation from The Honors College and schedule an exit interview by visiting www.emich.edu/honors/exit_interview/login.php. Exit interviews are by appointment only, so please be sure to register for the session you plan on attending. This appointment is an essential step in confirming that you have fulfilled your requirements to graduate with an Honors distinction.


If at all possible, please sign up for a group exit interview. If you cannot attend any of the group exit interviews, you may sign up for an individual exit interview by emailing me at rcaponeg@emich.edu

Honors College Workshops

The Undergraduate Research Workshops for this semester have been scheduled.

The Undergraduate Research Workshop is offered to help students begin pursuing research at EMU. Led by our Faculty Fellow, Suzanne Gray, you will have the opportunity to learn more about available resources at EMU that can aid you in your research, as well as how to begin developing a research topic and thesis. We encourage students as early as their first year at EMU to attend this workshop. To register for any of the Undergraduate Research Workshops, please go to AppointmentPlus, log in, and register for a workshop time using the following steps.

1) Look for "Appointment Locator" on the left hand side of the screen. Under this, there's a pull down window that says "Select Workshop."

2) Select the time and day of the week of the workshop you would like to attend. This leads to a new page that gives you the dates on which workshops for this day of the week and time are offered. These options are on the left hand side of the screen and are hyperlinked.

3) Once you select the workshop you would like to attend, you are able to put in special instructions and your phone number for text reminders. Then please hit the "Finalize Appointment" option on the bottom of your screen.


March 16th - Coffee Hour

Join the Honors community for our Coffee Hour! At this event, you can enjoy free coffee, games, coloring, and sign up for our mug club. RSVP here to let us know you can make it.

March 16th - Annual Honors Lock In

Join us for our most exciting event of the year! During this Hollywood themed event, we will have games, free food, entertainment, crafts, and prizes! RSVP Here

March 21st - Honors Spirit Day

Please come join us at The Honors College for a full day of celebration! We will be hosting a few giveaways for those who share photos on social media. If you want to find out how to win a pizza party for your class or Honors apparel for yourself, be sure to follow our social media pages to look out for how to do so!


March 28th - Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Come join The Honors College as we celebrate and honor our wonderful Faculty!  During this event, students will help serve and be able to hang out with our favorite faculty members. RSVP Here

March 29th - Dine and Discover

Join The Honors College as we increase awareness about student hunger and homelessness! Come learn about this important issue and how we are here to help over some free food! RSVP here to let us know that you can make it!