Honors College Kick-start

We are excited to welcome students into our community. Honors Kick-start is designed to help provide a strong foundation to your Honors experience. It is designed to introduce incoming Honors students to our program, set expectations, and form community.

Participants will learn the purpose of Honors requirements and how they can tailor them to their own interests. Honors Kick-start helps students visualize and begin their pursuit of a transformative experience supported by The Honors College. 

Upon admission to the Honors College, students will be contacted to schedule an alternate Kick-start Session. If you have not been contacted within two weeks of being accepted to the Honors College, please contact us at [email protected]

During an Honors Kick-start, new students will:

  • Learn the requirements and expectations of being an Honors student.
  • Meet other incoming students and current Honors students.

All Honors students must attend an Honors College Kick-start session in order to activate their membership, which is required for Honors benefits. 

Incoming first-year students: Please note you are also expected to participate in the campus-wide new student EMU Orientation which is held just before the start of classes.

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