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Academic Advising & Student Services at The Honors College supports the undergraduate community through collaborative and comprehensive advising services as students explore, navigate EMU and graduate. The Honors College provides trained advisors to work with all Honors students. Honors advisors help students navigate through EMU Orientation, semester registration, and graduation with general education and Honors College requirements. Students should meet regularly with their Honors College advisor.

In addition to guiding students to academic support resources, Honors advisors help students identify opportunities across the University, including opportunities to join clubs and organizations, become involved in the community, study abroad, pursue undergraduate research, apply for competitive scholarships and fellowships, and explore career and professional development.

At this time, advising appointments are available by phone or video conference via Zoom/Google Meet. Students may make an appointment by clicking the link below or contact our staff with advising questions at [email protected].

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Departmental Honors Advising

As an Honors student, you also have faculty advisors specific to your major and department. These are known as departmental Honors advisors. You are encouraged to meet regularly with your departmental Honors advisor, beginning in your Junior year in order to build an effective faculty advising relationship.

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Peer Advising

Honors College Peer Advisors serve as a resource for all members of the Honors College. Peer Advisors are current Honors students from all of the majors who offer tailored guidance and advice to students throughout their time at EMU - as they progress through coursework, Honors College curriculum, campus involvement, support services and leadership opportunities.

Peer Advisors work closely with the Academic Advising & Student Services staff members in order to provide accurate information and advice about majors, course selections, general education courses, Honors pathways, and policies and procedures in the Honors College and the university.

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