About the Honors College


The Honors College at Eastern Michigan University will serve the university community by working to recruit and retain academically talented and motivated scholars and empowering them to reach their full personal, academic, service, and leadership potential through challenging coursework with engaged peers and faculty and through extra-curricular activities that foster global awareness, leadership, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion and civic engagement.

Diversity Statement

“In Diversity, there is beauty, and there is strength”  - Maya Angelou. 

The students, faculty, and staff of the Eastern Michigan University Honors College are committed to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive community. We assert that there is no room for the existence or tolerance of any form of racism or discrimination; hence, we are committed to making The Honors College a safe and welcoming environment for students of all nations, races, ethnicities, religions, gender and sexual identities, ages, socioeconomic groups, and physical abilities. Every individual’s uniqueness will be celebrated and respected for its beauty and strength. 

The Honors College affirms EMU’s commitment to “weaving our support of diverse communities, equity, and inclusiveness into every aspect of our University and our operations.” By doing this, we carry out part of our mission of providing both educational and cultural experiences for EMU's intellectually talented and motivated students through challenging Honors courses and extracurricular activities that encourage scholarly curiosity, leadership, civic engagement, and diversity.

Vision Statement

Building upon our legacy of excellence, the Honors College at EMU will be recognized for its dynamic, nurturing community that supports and celebrates the scholastic, civic, and leadership potential and growth of its diverse students and faculty within an environment that fosters challenge, risk-taking, and creativity. 

We strive to be an Honors College that develops undergraduate students into global citizens whose accomplishments and contributions to society are recognized throughout their lives and that supports students’ development as individuals and contributing members of their various communities.

Core Values

By its very design, the Honors College places questions of the common good at the heart of academic inquiry. Honors students at EMU pursue the highest levels of academic achievement within a framework of commitment to diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement.

The Core Values of EMU Honors College are: 

  • Lifelong learning & intellectual curiosity
  • Leadership
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Mutual respect & human dignity
  • Global awareness
  • Civic engagement & service
  • Creativity and Innovation

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing the requirements of the Honors College, students will:

  • Be critically aware of the implications of their own university education. 
  • Serve as active participants in their communities and contribute as academic leaders.
  • Be able to identify their own unique problem sets and generate new knowledge, characterized by innovation, divergent thinking, risk-taking, and integration, in response to those problems.

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