Supplemental Instruction

Winter 2024 SI Courses

See your SI Leader for location!

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program offers free academic support for students both inside and outside of the classroom. SI works directly with academic departments and faculty to provide support in some of the most challenging general education and/or gateway courses. Each course that partners with the SI program has a trained SI leader who provides support and guidance for students both in and out of the classrooms. 

Email [email protected] with questions concerning SI in the Fall semester. 

SI Sessions are:

  • Specific to the section/professor
  • Voluntary and free for all students enrolled in the course
  • Non-remedial; a proactive approach to ensuring student success
  • Presented at least twice per week at times voted on by students
  • Not a second lecture; collaborate review sessions for students to practice applying the material

About Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Students who work as SILs have previously taken the course in question and earned a B+ or better. These students are typically referred to us by faculty members. Each SIL completes approximately 3 hours of online training modules, followed by a 2-day intensive in-person training workshop. All training is focused on Growth Mindset, metacognitive learning strategies and tools, and using Bloom's Taxonomy to help students work their way into higher-level critical thinking skills. You can expect your SIL to be well-versed in learning and study strategies.

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