Program Information

KCP 4S Initiative

Through funding from the State of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, EMU is fortunate to be a recipient of the Select Student Support Services (4S) King-Chávez-Parks (KCP) Initiative. The mission of this program is to increase graduation and retention of students who are defined by the institution as either "academically or economically disadvantaged." At EMU, that includes students whose high school GPA was below a 2.5 and/or students who are eligible to receive any amount from the Federal Pell grant as part of their financial aid package.

Program Benefits

Along with our students' demonstrated academic results, the 4S Pathways to Success program helps students form a community of support on campus consisting of peers, faculty, and staff. 4S helps students learn to become self-regulated learners, with the skills and habits to manage their time, tasks, and responsibilities. 

Active participants are eligible for special scholarships through the Holman Success Center! The application for these scholarships goes live in early March and is usually due by the end of May.

4S students receive double Eagle Rewards points when they spend them on Flex dollars!

Participation Guidelines

Students in the 4S Pathways to Success program have specific guidelines to meet in their first semester.  

  • Meet with their Success Coach and Peer Academic Coach (PAC) alternating bi-weekly (6+ meetings over the course of a 15-week semester, 30 minutes each),
  • Complete a total of 10 hours of structured study time each week of the term, which may include
    • Eagle Study Tables (check in and out, 3 hour maximum per visit)
    • Skill Workshops (1-1.5 hours)
    • Math Tutoring Center in Pray Harrold (request to scan in and out)
    • Tutoring (check in and out)
    • SI (1 hour, your professor will tell you if SI is available for your course)
    • University Writing Center (request to scan in and out)

Structured Study guidelines for the second semester are individualized to the student's fall performance. These requirements will be communicated to students following the publication of official semester grades by the registrar's office, just before the beginning of the winter term.

In the winter semester, we offer workshops in deep learning strategies to help students continue their habits and reinforce skills. We also offer workshops on finding and applying for scholarships for the coming academic year(s). 

All in all, these guidelines for services help students learn to become self-regulated learners and hold themselves accountable for their own academic performance. These are the behaviors that create successful students, and establishing these habits early is key to student persistence and progress to graduation. 

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