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So you are interested in studying “green”?

You could join the growing number of people who turned their interest in the environment into an exciting career path. Business, government and NGOs all need professionals with solid skills and knowledge to find solutions to today’s pressing environmental challenges.

Our IESS (Interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Society) undergraduate program will put you on the right track toward that specialist’s career.

Here is a suggested list of things to do to find out if IESS is right for you:
  1. Review the IESS program
  2. Research career choices
  3. Make an advising appointment with one of our specialized IESS advisers to get in-depth knowledge of the program and its options
  4. Apply to EMU and, once accepted, declare IESS as your major
  5. And finally: start studying, continue researching career options, continue seeking our advice!

Need advice: talk to IESS Program Coordinator Thomas Kovacs.


IESS Mugs!

Mugs will include logo below and will cost $7. If you would like to purchase an IESS mug, complete the order form below and turn it in to Dr. Kovacs's office (Science Complex 303D).

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Check out our new recycling resources page! Eastern Michigan University Recycle

 Check out what IESS and Sustainability Students researched during the Undergraduate Research Symopsium 2016! Also check out the awesome events GREEN had during GREEN Week!

Research Symposium




IESS Office

Mark Jefferson/Science Complex 301V

Office Hours- Monday - Thursday 9:00am- 3:30pm

Phone: 734-487-6723

New Email: emu_iess@emich.edu /iess/images/physicalplantrecyclelogo.png