Steps to Training

Update on Omni CMS Training Program

Please note that our Omni CMS training program is in flux due to a short-term loss of staff. We will not be scheduling training sessions for the foreseeable future. However, you are still welcome to proceed through this page and submit a request for training. We will follow-up with you as time permits and get you on board with our interim training program - which requires the viewing of a pre-recorded, 1+ hour training session.

We strongly encourage those requesting training/access to first check with your supervisor or colleagues to determine if someone else in your department has been trained and funnel your edits through them. We also offer a library of tutorials should you need a refresher on any Omni CMS task(s). Lastly, you are welcome to request edits to your site(s) via our web support ticketing system.

Thank you for your patience.

How to Register for Omni CMS Campus Training

Updating your website is a big responsibility. You are not just representing your department or area, you are representing Eastern Michigan University. To gain editing access to your site, you must follow the steps below. Please note: violations of expressed web accessibility requirements may result in your site access being revoked. 

Step 1

Review Our Policies

You are required to read our web user policies before receiving access to your site.

Step 2

Take our Accessibility Course

The next step in gaining access to edit your site is to take our online accessibility course. This course will appear in your my.emich account inside of the EMU Learning Management System (LMS). To register for this course, fill out the form below.

Step 3

Sign Up for Training

The Omni CMS content management system (CMS) provides an easy way to manage content on web sites. Only individuals who have been formally trained on Omni CMS will be given access to manage content.

Choose a date that works for you. Our trainings are currently offered as live, online sessions. Please come prepared to participate and take notes.

The training session will last approximately two hours. As the training is extensive, please arrive on time and bring materials to take notes.

By submitting this form, you are signing up for both the required Accessibility Course and the required Omni CMS Training course.