Tapping the Reservoir of People

Course Fee: $300

This course explores the workforce of nonprofit organizations including the key elements of human resource management. The course covers the nonprofit workforce, human resource management, volunteers and their role in nonprofit organizations, and volunteer engagement and management.


  • Understand the different groups that make up the workforce for nonprofit organizations.
  • Understand the principles of effective management/engagement for both paid staff and volunteers.
  • Understand the importance of appropriate volunteer engagement and how this differs from paid staff.


  • Introduction
  • The Nonprofit Workforce
  • Human Resource Management
  • Value of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Engagement and Management
  • Putting it All Together


  • Video lectures.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Readings.
  • Other video resources.


  • Multiple choice comprehension quizzes for each module.
  • Cumulative essay questions requiring critical thinking and analysis.

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