Linking Strategy to Business Process Optimization

Building on the concepts developed in Introduction to Business Process Optimization, this course will look at the key steps involved in developing and deploying a strategy that promotes and sustains business process optimization. Key topics will include strategy development, mapping, monitoring and execution. The focus will be on identifying the right “fit” of methods and tools given an organization’s competitive situation, culture, capabilities and strategic direction. The basic steps involved in assessing the current state, identifying the gaps, designing an appropriate BPO strategy, and then executing the strategy will be explored along with methods for measuring progress and performance including the development of corporate dashboards and scorecards.

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders, analysts, influencers, and consultants involved in the design and deployment of organizational systems and strategies.
  • Business improvement practitioners interested in aligning their current programs and projects with organizational strategy.


Students should have completed Introduction to Business Process Optimization prior to taking this class.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define and analyze modern theories for strategic planning
  • Develop an integrated model for strategic planning based on the best practices of these theories
  • Understand strategic planning in a systems context
  • Understand how process portfolio management can be used to improve the returns from an organization’s business improvement efforts
  • Understand how to identify key value drivers for the business and why they are important
  • Define the basic process used to identify value drivers and to link them to your business processes
  • Show the relationship between key process indicators, critical cost drivers, leading and lagging indicators, and the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Define the three types of performance dashboard and their uses
  • Describe some of the key considerations that go into developing an effective dashboard
  • Provide strategies for successfully deploying performance dashboards
  • Understand how to use performance dashboards and Maturity Models to guide the prioritization and selection of business improvement projects
  • Reinforce the use of the BPO Framework Strategize and Plan phase for strategy deployment planning

Course Materials and Required Software

All required course materials, exercises, discussions and the final exam are available in the online course shell.


3.0 CEUs
In addition to a certificate of completion, participants will be issued a digital badge identifying the skills and competencies gained through successful program completion.