Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Protect Others

Turn your passion for justice into a tool for change with a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. Analyze current issues in society and learn to traverse conflicting interests. Develop a multidisciplinary understanding of crime and justice and how they affect society as you learn from faculty with extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of criminal justice and sociology.

In just 31 credit hours, you'll prepare yourself for advancement in your career, to teach at the post-secondary level or to pursue doctorate work with this graduate program.

College to Career
A M.A. in criminology and criminal justice broadens your job opportunities in the criminal justice field. It prepares you for leadership in a wide variety of roles including correctional officer or police and detective supervisor, forensic psychologist, criminal profiler, criminologist, district attorney and more. The nature of this graduate program sets you up to achieve your specific career goals.

Admission Requirements

  • A 2–3 page statement highlighting how past employment, academic, volunteer or other experiences formed your interest in this degree. Include how it will enhance your future career plans.
  • Two letters of reference from either academic or employment sources.
  • Resume
  • A 3.0 undergraduate GPA and the following pre-req courses or equivalent:
    • CRM 300 Criminal Justice
    • CRM 301 Criminology
    • SOCL 250 Quantitative Applications in Sociology
    • SOCL 304 Methods in Sociological Research
  • Meet admission requirements for the Graduate School

Note: A grade of B or better is required in SOCL 250 and SOCL 304. SOCL 341 Quantitative Methods of Social Research I and SOCL 342 Quantitative Methods of Social Research II can be used as substitutes for SOCL 250 and SOCL 304 in which case a grade of B or better is required in the substituting courses.

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