Zachary Lewis

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Masters in Business Administration, Limestone University, 2022
Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Oklahoma State University, 2019
Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship, Oklahoma State University, 2019


Zach Lewis is a visionary leader in collegiate esports, renowned for his pioneering efforts and strategic guidance within university gaming programs. His journey into esports began with a deep-seated passion for gaming and a strong foundation in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business administration, which he pursued at Oklahoma State University and Limestone University.

Combining his technical expertise with a keen interest in competitive gaming, Zach transitioned into a pivotal role within the college esports arena. As a driving force behind the development of a thriving esports program at his alma maters, he has championed initiatives to enhance gaming infrastructure, foster talent, and elevate the overall esports experience for students.

Under Zach's leadership, the EMU Esports has flourished, continually gaining recognition for its innovative approach to team development, tournament organization, and community engagement. His strategic insights and commitment to promoting inclusivity have not only bolstered the program's reputation but have also cultivated a vibrant esports community on campus.

Interests and Expertise

Beyond his administrative duties, Zach is a dedicated mentor and advocate for student gamers, offering guidance and support to help them navigate the competitive gaming landscape. His contributions extend into the classroom where Zach plans to begin teaching college classes soon.

Grants, Honors and Awards

2024 Staff Golden Medallion Award