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EMU Research

Policies and Procedures

The UHSRC’s operating procedures have been developed in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, Part 46 (45 CFR 46), known as the Common Rule. The UHSRC reviews all human subject research in accordance with the Common Rule. If your research is funded, your application will be reviewed in accordance with any additional regulations and requirements of the sponsor. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to disclose on the UHSRC application who is funding the research. The Principal Investigator is also responsible for maintaining compliance with UHSRC policies and procedures, the Common Rule, and any additional regulations that may apply.










  • EMU Survey Distribution Form: If you plan to send an email survey request to EMU students, faculty, or staff, you must complete this form and send it to the Office for Graduate Studies and Research (200 Boone) in care of Sonia Chawla.





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EMU Research, 200 Boone Phone: 734.487.3090 mail [email protected]