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H2: Lions

Lions are the King of the Jungle.

H3: Famous Lions

There are many famous lions who have frightened and delighted us through history.

H4: Simba

Simba, although orphaned at a young age, rose to great prominence in the pride.

H5: Characteristics of Simba

Son of Mufasa and Sabari, husband of Nala.

H4: Mufasa

Mufasa was a great lion-king who died in a tragic, terrible wildebeest stampede.

H3: Types of Lions

While there is technically only one species of lion, the term “lion” is used for many creatures.

H4: African Lion

The African lion is the most famous of all those who hold the name “lion”.

H4: North American Mountain Lion

Known by many names including puma, cougar and panther, the North American Mountain Lion once roamed up to 40 miles in search of territory.


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