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New! Winter 2019 Academic Workshops offered by Holman Success Center

Financial Aid Scholarship Search Workshops

  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 10noon, Halle G07A
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 24 p,m,, Halle G07A

More dates TBD

Most Popular Workshop, W18 Semester

The most popular workshop of Winter 2018 semester was, Financial Aid and Scholarships Search.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
    How much do you expect to owe in student loans by the end of your college career? Where should you start looking for scholarships to reduce that debt? Join HSC for an interactive, hands-on workshop to learn the answers and start your applications today.
  • Developing an Academic Plan (ACES Assessment)
    Take the ACES Assessment to learn your personal strengths and opportunities for growth, then create a SMART goal to improve in one or more academic areas such as a time management, motivation, critical thinking, test preparation, note-taking, etc.
  • Time and Task Management
    Plan your work and work your plan! Join us for an interactive, hands-on workshop to make you a ninja-level planner using the Jullien Gordon "Guide to Graduation." This detailed academic planning tool will be provided at the workshop.
  • Synthesizing Information While Reading
    How often do you read a passage and then have no idea what you just read? It happens to all of us! Join us for an interactive workshop where we show you how to get the most from your course reading and be able to retain and use the knowledge gained.
  • Breaking Apart Assignments to Improve Grades
    Feeling overwhelmed about that upcoming essay or project? We've got you covered! Join HSC for a hands-on interactive workshop on breaking up large assignments into manageable tasks and ensuring your final product delivers.
  • Lecture Notes – How to Take and Use Them
    If you've ever used the phrase "look over my notes," this workshop is for you! Lecture notes are powerful tools for academic success, but only if you know how to take them and study them effectively. Join HSC for practice with this essential skill.
  • Learning to Learn in Technical Courses
    Math, natural science and other technical courses require a different skill set that many students haven't yet acquired. Join HSC for this hands-on interactive skill-building workshop where you can practice the techniques for academic success.
  • Goal Setting and Organizational Skills
    Having trouble with motivation? Setting goals is a great way to get inspired! Come participate in this hands-on interactive workshop and leave with smart goals and a plan to achieve them.
  • Improving Critical Thinking Skills
    Who, what, when and where are important questions, but the real test of your knowledge is "How" and "Why." Join HSC for a hands-on interactive workshop designed to improve your critical thinking process and skills to promote academic success.
  • Exam and Test Prep
    Do you freeze up at a test, your mind going blank? Are you struggling to figure out just what you need to study? Join HSC for an interactive hands-on workshop to gain strategies for handling test anxiety and identifying what and how to study.
  • Learning About How You Learn
    Do you know your learning style? How can you leverage your strengths both in and out of the classroom? Join us for a hands-on, interactive workshop and leave with solid strategies you can start using right now.
  • Strategies for Reading Technical Texts
    Reading your chem or bio textbook is different from reading history or sociology; why? Join HSC for a hands-on interactive workshop where you can develop the skills and strategies you need to be successful in technical courses.

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