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Aj Ziona Campbell-Kelley
Aj Ziona Campbell-Kelley


Aj Ziona Campbell-Kelley

Hi! My name is Aj Ziona Campbell-Kelley. I am a sophomore here at Eastern majoring in Theatre Arts with a double minor in Communication and Musical Theatre. This is my first year as an Peer Academic Coach. My freshman year I was in the Edge Program and I can say it is one of the many reasons why I am here today as an Peer Academic Coach. It has been a great tool I've attained. I hope to give other students encouragement on their academic journey here and in life with everything they will learn in UNIV and to let them they know they are not alone. Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected]

Aly Wojtylko


Hey there! My name is Aly Wojtylko. I’m a second-year UNIV SI and academic coach. I’m also a children and families major here at EMU. I have a passion for helping others in any way I can, especially when it comes to school. I’m currently a member of the NSCS and am dedicated to my studies. My current goal after graduation is to get my master's in children’s counseling. My favorite TV show is The Office and my cat Poe is one of my biggest joys in life. Some of my hobbies including playing piano, making fun spreads for my planner, and hanging out with friends and family. I’m always down to talk to anyone who needs an ear to listen, so feel free to book an appointment with me today :) Email for an appointment.

Anjali Dawson


Anjali Dawson is a sophomore undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University. She is majoring in psychology with an undeclared minor. She is a first generation college student, and this is her first year as a UNIV SI. Her main goal is to aid her students while they follow their path to academic success as well as always being open to offer encouragement and motivation to anyone who needs it! Email for an appointment.

Arkell Clark


Arkell Clark is a second-year student who is majoring in psychology. He is a double minor in history and leadership. He is dedicated to the present and future success of his peers. This is his first year as a UNIV SI and he is excited to begin the work of his position. As a UNIV SI, he works hard to instill the principles of a successful student into their peers in a down-to-earth and friendly way. Feel free to email for any additional info about UNIV SIs and the UNIV SIing program at [email protected].

David Graham

David Graham

My name is David Graham. I'm currently junior at Eastern. I'm majoring in Communications and minoring in Public Relations. This my second year as a UNIV SI. I was in the EDGE program as a freshman and I think it benefited me so much and has helped me through my college journey. I hope to take what I learned from the program and my experiences at Eastern to help students succeed not just in college but in life. If you ever have any questions please send me an email at [email protected].

DeAngelo Richardson

DeAngelo Richardson

I am a Junior here at Eastern Michigan with a Major in Criminology. I’m originally from Detroit, Michigan. I am a first generation student and this is my second year as an Univ Si. I’m here to be a positive example for my siblings by showing them that anything is possible when you put forth the effort. I plan on helping anyone who needs an extra push to be successful in the future. If you see me around campus, say hello or even ask a question if you need help. Email me if you have any questions: [email protected]

Dion Temple


I am a junior here at Eastern Michigan, and this is my second year as a UNIV SI. I am from Detroit, MI, and I am majoring in communications and journalism. I plan on going to graduate school for my master’s degree in education. I am the vice-president of two orgs here on campus, Edge Advance and Unlatched. My commitment to my students is evident, and I have forged a bond with those in my classes. I am also dedicated to student success outside the classroom and can always be counted on for a positive word. I’m very chill and willing to listen to anyone and help out with any problem. Email for an appointment: [email protected].

Joshua Simms

Josh Simms

Hello my name is Joshua Simms I am a sophomore at Eastern Michigan majoring in Finance. This is my first year as a UNIV peer mentor. Last year I was in the Edge Program which really helped me thrive my freshman year and my goal is to help current students in the program have a similar experience. Because of the Edge Program, I was able to find my way into the Honors College. If you have any questions email me for an appointment at [email protected]

Meghan MackenzieMeghan Mackenzie

Hi, My name is Meghan Mackenzie and I am a sophomore here at Eastern. I was in the edge program my freshmen year and I loved building connections with my instructor and my SI. My major is nursing intent. This is my first year being an SI, and I decided to become an SI to help students find themselves through there first year of college and years to come and guiding them along through there experience. [email protected]

Naja Martin


I am a junior here at Eastern majoring in social work with a minor in criminology. I’m originally from Fremont, Ohio and I am in the Honors College, National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the founder and president of the organization Unlatched.  I am a first generation college student, and my goal is to make students realize their potential regardless of any obstacle. My students’ futures are endless, and the possibilities go on, so I'll make it my priority to make a clear path to my students' destiny. I love making a difference by helping and leading others to success and confidence. I am the second-year UNIV SI for the Sisterhood as well as UNIV 101. I am always open to helping more students, so you are more than welcome to email me! Email for an appointment at [email protected].

Rayna Close
Rayna Close

Rayna is going into her second year at Eastern Michigan and majoring in early childhood education. As your SI, she's here to help, guide, and provide you with resources that will help lead to your success. Email for an appointment: [email protected]

Zaria Dozier


Zaria is a second-year student at EMU majoring in criminology with a minor in anthropology. She is a graduate from Cass Technical High School. This is her first year as a UNIV SI. She is looking forward to helping students in their first year find their path to success. College can be tough as a first-year student, so she wants to make sure that she keeps students encouraged and motivated. Email for an appointment.

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