SI for Faculty

Supplemental instruction at EMU typically offers support for gateway undergraduate courses. These are usually general education (e.g., BIO 110, ECON 201) and/or program gateway courses (e.g., CHEM 121, BIO 251/252, etc.) with high enrollment and moderate-to-high drop or fail rates.

SI also supports a small number of courses within majors that include difficult and highly-concentrated content that students often request help with (i.e. CHEM 371, BIO 301).

Thinking about SI for your course or department?

Is your class the right fit?

SI focuses on support for high enrollment courses with high DFWI rates. These courses are typically intro or gateway courses. Does your class qualify? If you're not sure, feel free to contact us to talk about the best academic support options for your students. 

Recommend a Student

If you're thinking about SI for next semester, email the program coordinator as soon as you can. Recruitment and hiring begins in October for Winter and in February for Fall. Space is limited so the sooner the better!

Although we're experts in academic support and learning strategies, YOU are an expert in the needs for your class. Pick a successful student who's taken your class previously. Talk to them and see if they'd be interested in being an SI. If yes, let us know to send them an SI Application.

Wait for Updates

The SI Program Coordinator will keep you updated on the status of the application, scheduled interviews, and hiring decisions.

Collaborate & Promote SI!

Assuming all goes well, your applicant will be hired. What now? Start planning as soon as possible. Consider: How will you involve your SI in lecture? When will you meet weekly? How can you encourage student attendance at SI sessions?

SI works best when SILs have both the autonomy to develop and create learning experiences for students and the encouragement and support of their assigned professors. 


Assessment and evaluation helps us improve the program for its faculty, students, and SI Leaders. Your feedback is crucial! We'll send an end-of-semester survey as part of our program assessment, but we welcome your feedback at any time.

Download this information in an infographic [PDF].

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