Scholars Program

All participants who successfully fulfill all summer term Extended Orientation requirements will be enrolled into the Scholars Program. In an effort to increase retention and academic success of students, the Scholars Program provides a structured environment for students to learn how to succeed in college. Through a combination of such things as academic advising, peer mentoring study hours, and supplemental instruction, students are immersed into college in a controlled and guided environment. As a condition of each student’s admittance, students sign the EMU Opportunity Agreement to participate in an academic support program during their first year. Some of the main components include:

EMU Opportunity Living-Learning Community – After completion of the three-week extended summer orientation, all EO students will continue to reside in the EMU Opportunity Living-Learning Community (LLC) throughout their first year.

Academic Coaching – EO students are required to meet regularly with their assigned Academic Coach to develop success plans, track student progress, and build study habits.

Peer Mentoring – EO Students must attend study hours each week with their assigned Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors take a holistic approach when helping students transition to adulthood by connecting them with the proper resources for their social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, physical, and intellectual needs.

The Educational Opportunity Grant (EOG) is awarded to students who have proven their ability to persist through academic and social challenges and succeed at a post-secondary level. These students have pledged a commitment to continue demonstrating academic achievement, by:

  • Maintaining a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of a 2.50 GPA;
  • Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and a completion rate of 100% every semester;
  • Remaining in Good Standing with the university;
  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year no later than February 1st;
  • Adhering to all requirements of the educational code signed in the contract.

The EOG is a renewable reward up until each students fourth year at EMU. The award amount, which is determined by the Office of Financial Aid and Academic Success Partnerships, and is based on the merit parameters listed above.