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Multicultural Leadership Experience


The Multicultural Leadership Experience (MLE) is a 3 semester, 5 credit-bearing experience to grow as a leader intrapersonally, interpersonally, and societally in preparation to enter an increasingly multicultural and globalized community,  The experience is FREE and intentionally open to all students to apply. Interested? APPLY for TIER 1 NOW for the Winter 2018 semester!

This Multicultural Leadership Experience (MLE) program is intended to recognize that applied multicultural leadership is a growing dialogue amongst many of our world leaders.

Through guided reflection and dialogue, identity and values exploration, and peer education, this program creates an activities based learning environment that challenges each student to broaden and deepen one’s ability to understand multiculturalism and ethical leadership to influence positive social change.

Through this program, students will develop skills in the Individual, Group, and Community categories of the Social Change Model. The Social Change Model is the theoretical framework for this program and includes 3 categories which are comprised of 7 “critical values” to leadership development. The categories are: The Individual, The Group, and The Community. The Individual Values are Consciousness of Self, Congruence, and Commitment. The Group Values are Collaboration, Common Purpose, and Controversy with Civility. The Community Value is Citizenship, and at the hub of the SCM is the ultimate goal of positive social “change.”

staff This program is designed to be nonhierarchical; Students should come to understand that...

  1. Leadership is collaborative
  2. Leadership must include commitment to social justice
  3. Leadership is based on values
  4. Leadership is NOT solely reserved for individuals holding leadership positions
  5. Leadership is about positive change.

“In life, we all have a cross to bear and a unique story to tell. We just hope that someone will take the time to listen.” ― Greg McVicker

For more information regarding the Multicultural Leadership Experience, please contact Kate Curley at kcurley@emich.edu or Dar Mayweather at dmayweat@emich.edu !

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