Appendix I

The Black Student Ten Point Plan.

  1. Percent of black faculty to equal that of black students at EMU (excluding AAS)
  2. All students take a General Education course on race, ethnicity and racism
  3. A course on black studies will be built into every major;
  4.  Mandatory cultural competency training for all faculty and staff, including DPS
  5. Designated space where marginalized students can gather safely and learn about financial and academic resources available to black students.
  6. Explore options for utilizing outside vendors to provide culturally appropriate food for certain student organization events;
  7. Alternate meal plan options for low-income students;
  8.  Professional staff designated to identify by financial resources for black students;
  9. Committee designated by members of BSU to serve on the homecoming Committee with the freedom to plan events for Black Homecoming;
  10. Doctorate and Master’s Program for Africology and African American Studies with adequate funding and no less than full time graduate assistantships

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