Official Charge

  1. Relying on collective faculty and staff expertise, develop a repeatable quantitative and qualitative campus climate assessment process which will provide valid and actionable climate assessment data to EMU overall and to schools, colleges and university units. Includes administering a campus survey as well as multiple qualitative mixed methods.

  2. Develop an engaged process that generates adequate participation in campus-wide assessment climate from faculty, staff and students of the EMU campus schools, colleges and units.  

  3. Identify resources and points of accountability for implementing assessment activities and climate survey administration, related communication, reporting of results and action planning

  4. Develop and implement a specific timeline for qualitative and quantitative assessment development (including survey administration) as well as data analysis and results distribution, to be completed during 2019. In addition, the survey timeline will be developed in collaboration with other campus constituency survey purveyors (e.g. Title IX survey, student surveys). 

  5. Create a single EMU campus-wide climate assessment report, as well as multiple school, college and unit high-level reports.

  6. Support action planning by EMU, Colleges and units, based on results.

  7.  Insofar as makes sense, develop processes and documentation that can be replicated (after debriefing lessons learned) during the second administration of the survey in 2021).

  8. At the close of this project, the committee will turn over the data and the lessons learned about the process to a newly-created Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (and potentially also to the Office of Institutional Research with regard to being a repository for the quantitative and qualitative data). 

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