The Center for Adaptive Technology in Education (CATE Lab) was designed to help disabled students, staff and faculty incorporate computers and technology into the learning and working atmosphere of Eastern. Successful integration of adaptive technology enables the user to participate equally in all aspects of the higher educational environment.

If you are student, faculty or staff member with a disability, the CATE Lab will provide you with a technology evaluation to determine how adaptive technology can improve your learning or working environment.

We also provide individualized and group training on adaptive technology through online instruction, webinars, and workshops at the CATE Lab. There is no charge for usage of the CATE Lab.

Contact the CATE Lab

The CATE Lab is located on main campus in Suite 120 of the John W. Porter Building. Staff assigned specifically for assistance in the CATE Lab are available while classes are in session from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. The CATE Lab coordinator is Jenny Clark

If you need testing accommodations, email or call 734.487.1419.