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Dian Xu

A photo of Dian Xu.
A photo of Dian Xu.



  • Master's degree - economics (EMU, 2013)

Current position

  • Strategic analyst - Quicken Loans

Extracurricular at EMU

  • Graduate assistant (2013)

Scholarships, honors, research

  • "Econometric Analysis of U.S. - Canada Nominal Exchange Rate"
  • Graduate GPA 3.75 or higher (2013)

EMU economics experience

"Coming to study economics at EMU was the turning point of my life! The economics graduate program not only helped me master different areas of advanced economics knowledge and skills, but more importantly, it trained me to become an excellent analyst. I was able to get the position I loved right after I graduated from the program. I can never appreciate EMU, our Economics Department and our awesome professors enough for all the great help I've gotten from them."
"Nowadays, lots of companies have tons of data, but lack of good analysts to interpret the data into business insights. The economics program was well designed to get you prepared for that. The economics theory classes will teach you how to think, while the econometrics classes will teach you how to process, analyze and present the data. And these are exactly what companies are looking for in the job market." 

Some friendly advice for anybody interested in the Economics program

  • Never hesitate asking for help. You will be amazed how wonderful our professors and GAs are!
  • Econometrics classes are highly recommended if you're interested in an analytical career.
  • Ability to use statistical software is always a great plus in the job market.
  • Try at least one of Dr. Crary's classes if possible, if you simply want to be a better person.

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