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Department Annual Awards

awardsEach year the department presents a number of special awards and prizes to deserving undergraduate students. In addition to the certificates which describe the award, most include a small monetary stipend.

These awards and prizes have varied histories. Some have been funded by former students. Others have been established and funded by faculty members. Still others are offered by businesses in the area which have a special interest in economics students. The prizes are awarded each year at the annual Alumni and Awards event.

Scholarship brochure/application [PDF]


Bruce C. Gockerman Endowed Scholarship

This award recognizes an economics major who submitted a superior paper on a subject closelyawards related to the discipline of economics. It was established and funded by Bruce Gockerman, an alumnus.

Gary E. Murg Endowed Scholarship

This award is given to an economics major in recognition of outstanding student service to the department and/or college. The award was established and funded by Gary Murg, esq., an alumnus.

Donald W. Pearson Endowed Scholarship

This is an award given to an economics major or minor with a minimum G.P.A of 3.0  with preference given to an Honors Program participant and/or a student with international study experience.  Award established by Professor Emeritus Donald W. Pearson.

University Scholarships

The university provides many opportunities for scholarships. 

Graduate Assistance

To provide graduate students with financial assistance and practical training during their degree work, and to provide faculty with assistance in grading and research. Please see our Graduate Assistantships page for more details.