703 Pray-Harrold

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197


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Osayd Qatu

Picture of Osayd Qatu
Picture of Osayd Qatu



  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, Minor in General Business

Current position

Extracurricular at EMU

  • Founding President of Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO Club)
  • Economics Club Supervisory Member
  • Annual "SESI Conference" Organizer
  • NCAA Women's Basketball Team
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society
  • Up to Us Competitor
  • Student Senator (Business and Finance Committee)

Scholarships, honors, research

  • Emerald Scholarship
  • Gary E. Murg Award

EMU economics experience

Simply put, Eastern Michigan University’s Economics Department taught me how to think. The diversity of courses offered by the department, everything from Financial Economics to Economics of Crime, enabled me to apply a variable set of theories to nearly any situation. I am often asked how I found success in a field that is primarily filled with Marketing and Finance majors, my response is almost always “Economics applies to everything”.

Now, pair the notion of applicable knowledge with caring, ambitious, and motivating professors that inspire your interest in Economics. Once paired, you get this equation:

EMU Economics Degree = (Applied Knowledge x Diverse Set of Knowledge) + (Caring Professors x Motivation to Help)

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