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Sawyer Smith

Sawyer Smith
Sawyer Smith



  • Master’s degree - Applied Econometrics (Eastern Michigan University, 2020)
  • Bachelor’s degree - Economics (Wayne State University, 2018)

Current position

Extracurricular at EMU

  • Graduate Research Conference Presenter (2020)
  • Graduate assistant / tutor for Economics Department (2019-2020)
  • Long-distance runner

Scholarships, honors, research

  • Omicron Delta Epsilon Honorary Society (2020)
  • Master’s thesis: “Private Debt Dynamics”
  • Published in Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems journal in 2018: "Data-Driven Modeling and Analysis of Energy Efficiency of Geographically Distributed Manufacturing."

Other working papers:

  • "Bargaining Power: Unionization and the Effects of Right-to-Work Laws"
  • "Policy Brief: Healthcare Systems and Medical Debt"
  • "Sectoral Balances and Economic Growth"
  • "Private Debt’s Effects on Gross Domestic Product"
  • Department of Economics – Participation Award
  • Department of Economics – Service Award

EMU economics experience

During my time at EMU, I pursued an M.S. in Applied Econometrics. This involved a large swathe of advanced macroeconomic/microeconomic theory, but mainly focused on quantitative methods. Labs are conducted alongside classes and students are exposed to coding languages like R, SAS, STATA, and Eviews. The degree itself gave me all the technical skills that are necessary to compete at a high level in the job market. Also, this degree concludes with an extensive master’s thesis that ties everything you’ve learned together. This is important because when one enters the job market, employers will ask for writing samples or a technical presentation to gain an understanding of your abilities.

Further, the department itself is full of accomplished, thoughtful professors who take their jobs seriously. Dr. Crary and Dr. Saunoris helped guide me through the last semester of my program whenever I had a question or wanted to bounce an idea off them. Also, in an unconventional year, the department met the challenge of maintaining the rigor of the program while delivering asynchronous classes.

Last, I was accepted into the University of Glasgow’s PhD program and UMKC’s PhD program after completing my studies at EMU. However, I ended up taking a job at Ford Motor Co. instead. Regardless of what you want to do, this degree will open up your options.

“Economists should be modest and be aware that they are part of the broader social science community. We need to be pragmatic about the methods we use. When we need to do history, we should do history. When we need to study political science, we should study political science.” – Thomas Piketty

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