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FDC Resources for Teaching

Our services are individually designed to meet your teaching, learning and research needs. We have listed the most common services that we provide below. However, if you would like us to consult with you, your department or college on a different subject, please feel free to contact us.

None of the FDC staff report to Academic HR, nor do the FDC staff participate in faculty or lecturer evaluations.

All services are provided in a strictly confidential manner.


Teaching Consultations

Consultation on teaching/learning issues is offered to all faculty & lecturers (individuals, small groups, departments and colleges) on a completely voluntary and confidential basis. Sessions are arranged by appointment, but walk-in requests may be accommodated if staff are available. 

Teaching consultations may include:

  • Discussion of classroom-related concerns and course evaluations
  • Course, program, or curriculum review and redesign
  • Review of course materials (syllabi, assignments, exams)
  • Observation and feedback on class instruction

Contact [email protected] to schedule a consultation.

Research Consultations

FDC staff and associates are available to meet with faculty members to discuss research design, implementation methods, analysis, and draft publications, particularly when related to inquiries around teaching and learning. 

Research consultations may include:

  • Research design of descriptive, correlational and experimental studies.
  • Design and evaluation assistance with internal and external proposal development in cooperation with the Office of Research Development.
  • Design and formatting of data gathering instruments, including surveys, observational forms, and interviews.
  • Feedback on draft articles, texts, or presentations.

Contact [email protected] to schedule a consultation

Mid-Term Student Feedback

A mid-term student feedback session is a great way to gather input from your students while you still have time to implement changes. This service is available to faculty, full and part-time lecturers, and graduate student instructors. 

The process:

A Faculty Development Center staff member works with you to develop questions for and gather responses from your students. The staff member can join one of your class meetings and, in your absence, gather responses to feedback questions, or you can gather the data on your own. The staff member would then meet with you to confidentially discuss the student responses.  

Sample Feedback Questions:
  1. What is going well in this class and how does this contribute to your learning?
  2. How engaging do you, as students, find this course? What could make it even more engaging?
  3. What could use improvement? What specific suggestions would you make for change?

To schedule a mid-term student feedback session, please email [email protected].

Syllabus Tips

The Faculty Development Center provides information on suggested syllabi elements and syllabus writing tips. Download the Syllabus Tips PDF.

Contact [email protected] for more help with creating a syllabus.

Portfolio Reviews

FDC staff is available to review your teaching portfolio.

Contact [email protected] to schedule a portfolio review. 

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