Annual Events



  • Internal Research Awards Workshops

    The purpose of these workshops are to assist faculty with writing successful EMU Research proposals.

    Workshop targets the following awards:

    • Summer Research/Creative Activity Award _all tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible) due October
    • Sabbatical Leave (available to faculty who have served 12 semesters at EMU) due January
    • Faculty Research Fellowship (all tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible) due January

    Day 1 covers proposal guidelines and tips; Day 2, bring your drafts, peers will provide you with valuable feedback for revising application narratives.

    Learn more about the IRA Workshops by visiting the website.

  • Shut Up and Write Workshops

    This workshop allows faculty members and lecturers focus on their writing without distraction. There will be four in-person sessions and four online sessions led by Sarah Walsh and Stephanie Wladkowski. They will provide support and guidance while faculty and lecturers are writing.

    Learn more by visiting the Shut Up and Write Website

  • Syllabus Clinic

    Bring your rough draft syllabus for the Winter 2020 semester and use this clinic to refine it as an informative, clear, and supportive document for both you and your students.

    Learn more by visiting the Syllabus Clinic website.

New Hire Orientation

Provides new faculty and lecturers the essential information for successful teaching, research, service, evaluation, and promotion.

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