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  • Age-Friendly University

    This day-long workshop is particularly geared for instructors who are interested in expanding how they set up their learning environment regarding aging content and intergenerational learning in their courses.

    A $100 honorarium is provided to participants who implement workshop elements into their course(s).

    Learn more about the workshop by visiting the website. 

  • Bystander Effect: What To Do When Witnessing Uncomfortable Situations

    This workshop will focus on identifying what a bystander is and discuss different options to intervene on behalf of others when they cannot or do not know what to do. We will discuss different types of scenarios that could make a person feel uncomfortable, feel fear and/or receive repetitive unwanted attention that may require bystander intervention. We will discuss how and what to report to Law Enforcement, Title IX Investigators or designated University personnel when circumstances require additional assistance, resource information or professional staff intervention.

    Learn more about the workshop by visiting the website.

  • Creating Barriers to Personal Safety

    This workshop will focus on learning tactics and strategies to acknowledging and paying attention to your surroundings, body language, listening and trusting instincts, creating comfort zones and acknowledgment of others being present while in your space. We will practice safety options in scenarios when dealing with solicitors, close quarter conversations, repositioning our bodies when in close quarters with others, options to make us feel more comfortable when people are walking or standing close behind or in front of us and unwanted starring situations.

    Learn more about the workshop by visiting the website.

  • eFellows Proposal Writing Workshops

    The eFellows Program supports projects that integrate technology into teaching and learning. Tenured/tenure‐track faculty and full‐time lecturers are eligible to apply. This workshop focuses on what it takes to create a successful proposal.

    Learn more about the workshop by visiting the website.

  • Enhancing Your Situational Awareness: Verbal & Non-Verbal Skills

    This workshop will focus on safety options when addressing uncomfortable situations. We will discuss non-verbal messages relayed and unintended messages perceived or assumed by the receiver. We will discuss being aware of body language, trusting our instincts and how/when to remove ourselves from uncomfortable situations.

    Learn more about the workshop by visiting the website.

  • Keep Theatre "In Mind"! Using Drama with Your Students to Connect, to Learn, and to Belong

    How does the brain make meaning? How and why do we learn? Through hands-on activities and application of theatre strategies, you will discover how to integrate into your classroom effective discoveries from social cognitive neuroscience research.

    For more information contact Dr. Patricia Zimmer (CMTA), or visit the website.

  • Internal Research Awards Workshops

    The purpose of these workshops are to assist faculty with writing successful EMU Research proposals.

    Workshop targets the following awards:

    • Summer Research/Creative Activity Award _all tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible) due October
    • Sabbatical Leave (available to faculty who have served 12 semesters at EMU) due January
    • Faculty Research Fellowship (all tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible) due January

    Day 1 covers proposal guidelines and tips; Day 2, bring your drafts, peers will provide you with valuable feedback for revising application narratives.

    Learn more about the IRA Workshops by visiting the website.

New Hire Orientation

Provides new faculty and lecturers the essential information for successful teaching, research, service, evaluation, and promotion.

Click the correct orientation session that you will be attending for more information.

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