Flipping the Script Conference



About this Conference

While faculty are clearly the content experts regarding what they teach, students have a unique perspective on their own learning. As such, when we consider how to most effectively teach, it behooves us to listen to the learners, so we can learn from them about how to teach more effectively. This conference, hosted by the Faculty Development Center, will “Flip the Script” to empower the learners to become the teachers, and the teachers to become the learners. It offers all of us an opportunity to straddle both worlds, and to grow through that opportunity.

We invited all EMU students to join us and participate in this opportunity to share what YOU know about teaching and learning with other members of the EMU community. These sessions will be in the form of presentations, workshops, or panels, and will be focused around teaching and learning.

The deadline for proposals has passed.

We appreciate the generosity of Mr. Kirk Profit for making this event possible!

This conference will take place on Friday, December 1st, 2023 in the Student Center. If you are interested in attending, please complete the Registration Form below.

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