The Learning Communities below offer EMU faculty a place to grow as an educator and to get to know their colleagues. We encourage faculty of all disciplines to apply for any of our Learning Communities that sparks their interest. 

Current Learning Communities

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Teaching and Learning Together - TaLT
In part of EMU's strategic commitment to prioritize student-centered learning and academic success, the FDC aims to rebuild the connections between faculty and students which have fragmented as a result of COVID-19. Through this initiative, we strive to create a learning community that will work together through the 2022-23 year to learn how we can get back what we've lost.
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Inclusive STEM Teaching at EMU
This learning community is based on an NSF-funded free 6-week asynchronous online class for college instructors, the Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (ISTP) (here is its syllabus). Faculty, full-time lecturers, and part-time lecturers who are teaching or on leave during Fall 2022 are invited to participate. EMU instructors who successfully complete the work of this learning community will recieve an honorarium of $200. 
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Research Writers' Collaborative
The Writers’ Collaborative is an opportunity for EMU faculty to support each other while achieving realistic writing goals (i.e. developing a conference paper, draft an article, revising a book chapter, etc.). This community also provides an opportunity for participants to give and receive helpful feedback on their writing as well. For the Fall 2022 semester this collaborative will be meeting every Thursday at 1:30 - 3:30 PM via Zoom.
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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
This seminar will give faculty members the tools to develop and implement their own Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects. Faculty in this community typically spend the fall term engaged in seminar-style discussions of the SOTL literature and about how their own work may fit into this area. For updates on the 2022-23 SOTL community, keep an eye on our website and social media!
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New Faculty Learning Community
In this learning community, we discussed how to lay the groundwork for a successful career, in terms of teaching, research, and service, and how you find the right balance. (We also discussed work-life balance a bit as well!). Together, we supported one another as we dived into the unknowable but exciting future. Future dates have not been determined.
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General Education Professional Learning Communities
Our goal with this learning community is to put in place the infrastructure for three new communities; global Awareness, US Diversity, and Arts. Through the General Education Professional Learning Communities program, we hope to offer instructors the space for instructors in each GE to work collaboratively.

Previous Learning Communities