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Religious Studies

The Study of Religion at EMU

EMU has offered a minor in Religious Studies since 1977, and in 2017 EMU introduced a Religious Studies major, becoming the only public university in Southeast Michigan to offer a major in the study of religion. Students in our major and minor select courses that explore different religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, as well as classes that teach different approaches to the study of religion, such as anthropology, comparative religion, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and women's and gender studies. By taking courses in several disciplines, students learn to research and analyze religion in different ways. Majors and minors also take two core courses, RLST 100 Comparative Study of Religion and RLST 300W Theories and Methods for the Study of Religion, and majors complete their course of study with a capstone project, which can be a research project, an internship, or another project of the student’s design.

Our Major and Minor Programs

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for descriptions of our major and minor:

Scheduled Course Offerings

  • Religious Studies Courses Winter 2023

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    Required Courses

    RLST 100 - The Comparative Study of Religion | GEKH

    • 21357 MW 0200p0315p Main Campus Whitters
    • 21358 Online Asynchronous Whitters

    Restricted Electives: Traditions

    HIST 204 - Introduction to the History of Judaism | GEKH

    • 23414 MW 1100a1215p Main Campus Erlewine

    Restricted Electives: Methods

    PSY 225 Psychology of Religion

    • 24246 Online Asynchronous Pejsa-Reitz


    ARTH 162 - Survey of Western Art I | GEKA

    • 23994 MW 0930a1045a Main Campus Suchan

    ARTH 476 - Art of China

    • 24212 MW 1230p0145p Main Campus Suchan

    PHIL 228 - Global Ethics | GEKH

    • 23402 TR 1100a1215p Main Campus Ouko

    PHIL 260 - Existentialism | GEKH

    • 22009 MW 0200p0315p Main Campus Proulx

Advising, Career Planning, Scholarships, and Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Religious Studies majors and minors are encouraged to take advantage of all History Section programs and services, including:

Faculty and Staff

Instructors who regularly offer classes in Religious Studies include:

Brian Bruya
James Egge
Robert Erlewine
Dyann Logwood
Kate Mehuron
Jeremy Proulx
Ronald Rich
Rachel Schroeder
Mark Whitters

Contact Us

Please contact Professor James Egge or Professor Robert Erlewine with any questions about our Religious Studies programs.

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