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2017 Undergraduate Symposium Presentations

  • Nationalism and the Bosnian Genocide: An Oral History
    Edin Bukva
    Matthew Penix, faculty mentor
  • Khadar’s Speech for Reform to the Court of Harun al-Rashid
    Michael Criscenti
    Mark Whitters, faculty mentor
  • Matilda of Tuscany: A Woman of Great Power
    Lindsay Dascola
    Ron Delph, faculty mentor
  • Human Nature and Justice: The Implications of Praxis as Nature upon Disability Studies
    Aine Keefer
    Peter Higgins, faculty mentor
  • The Kingdom of Jerusalem
    Cecilia Lawrence
    Ron Delph, faculty mentor
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Female Medieval Powerhouse
    Julie Mann
    Ron Delph, faculty mentor
  • Strikes and Popular Unrest in the Belgian Congo during World War II
    Deborah Munganga
    Joseph Engwenyu, faculty mentor
  • A History of U.S. Transgendered Military Members
    Erin McGuire
    John McCurdy, faculty mentor
  • The Nature of Turkish Literati’s Response to Turkish Language Reform
    Abigail Vermeulen
    John Knight, faculty mentor
  • The Canonization and Cult Origins of Saint Louis IX
    Ashley Vought
    Ron Delph, faculty mentor
  • Musicology during the Third Reich
    Katelin Webster
    Jesse Kauffman, faculty mentor