Photo of Honors students standing in front of stairs smiling.

Honors Students

The EMU Honors College is an environment unlike any other. Students in the Honors College come from many different backgrounds, pursuing majors, minors, and concentrations from all five of EMU’s colleges. In the Honors College, we believe that your experience at EMU extends beyond the classroom through peer-to-peer interactions, student involvement, and in the community as a whole. Because of this, the Honors College offers a wide range of events that foster learning, build community, serve others, and create belonging on campus. Whether it’s through a Star Lecture you find interesting, an event in the Honors Living Community in Downing Hall, a service event to help the Ypsilanti community, or just grabbing a bite to eat with one of your Honors peers, we want to see you succeed and thrive. 

As you embark on your journey at EMU or continue on your path, we want you to know that we are here to support you and learn with you. Within the Honors College, you will have the chance to take Honors courses and meet Honors faculty, but you will also find a lively community, a staff that genuinely cares about your wellbeing, and avenues for future success. We hope you will come visit us in the Trinity Building, as well as connect with us at various events around campus. With EMU Honors, you will SOAR.


Nick Malendowski, M.A. 

Assistant Director, The Honors College

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