Frequently Asked Questions

We put together some frequently asked questions that are addressed during our appointments. While this information is important to consider, the course of action may be altered based on a student's specific situation. Because of this, we highly encourage students to make an appointment with us to address their specific concerns. Make an appointment with us.

  • Instructor Conflicts 

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    I have an issue with my instructor and want to file a complaint - what's the next step?

    Unfortunately, there is no formal University process that allows students to submit a formal complaint. There is, however, a recommended process known as the “Academic Concern Process” put in place for our students that allows them to express their concerns to appropriate members of the University including the instructor, the department head and the dean. Read about the process by downloading the Student Academic Concern Resolution Process [PDF].

  • Late Withdrawal/Tuition Appeals

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    I have experienced some unforeseen circumstance and would like to withdraw from one of my classes, but I have missed the deadline. Is there anything I can do?

    Late withdrawal/tuition appeals are granted on an individualized basis to students who may be experiencing some troubling times that are affecting their ability to continue their success at EMU. Apply to the LW/TA process. Students are required to submit medical documentation, or other supporting documentation, that illustrates the issue that is presented in the reasoning for pursuing this process. The student may be approved or denied for the late withdrawal and/or tuition appeal request. Before pursuing this process, it is important to recognize the dates and deadlines for withdrawing from classes that are put in place each semester. View the dates and deadlines page and connect our dates and deadlines alert calendar to your Google calendar so you are aware of these deadlines every semester. Make an appointment with us to talk more about your potential eligibility for the LW/TA process.

  • Grade Grievance

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    Throughout the semester, I feel that I have been graded unfairly. What are my options?

    The grade grievance process is a three-step process available for students to appeal a final grade if they feel they have been graded unfairly. Before pursuing this process, it is important to be cognizant of the examples of unfair grading, along with a thorough explanation of the process. Like the LW/TA process, this process is reviewed on an individualized basis and relies heavily on supporting documentation that represents how and why you feel you were graded unfairly. Make an appointment with us to talk more about your potential eligibility for the grade grievance process.

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