Student Emergency Fund

The Eastern Michigan University Student Emergency Fund assists currently enrolled EMU students by providing financial support with unexpected emergency expenses. Students sometimes have unforeseen circumstances that greatly impact their lives. The fund allows students to meet their needs and continue their education. Students may apply for the fund once they have exhausted other resources including, but not limited to, all federal aid eligibility. The funding is a one-time nonrenewable award and does not need to be repaid. EMU students may request up to a maximum of $750. Submitting an application for funding does not guarantee approval. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met. Approved funds will be applied to the students account and paid to the student according to the refund preferences on their Eagle OneCard.

  • Eligibility Requirements Expand dropdown
    • Be enrolled at EMU at the time of review with a minimum course load of 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and 4 credit hours for graduate students.
    • Be in good academic standing with EMU.
    • Demonstrate hardship and be able to provide documentation of the emergency expense.
    • Determine that all other resources including resources through the Office of Financial Aid have been utilized. Students must exhaust all federal student aid eligibility available to them, including federal student loans.
    • Applicants must complete the form below and MUST submit supporting documentation.
  • Expenses Potentially Covered Expand dropdown
    • Unexpected medical expenses NOT covered by student's and/or parents' insurance.
    • Child Care not covered by other assistance programs.
    • Housing needs (ex: eviction notice, replacement of personal belongings due to fire)
    • Food/Meals up to limited amount of $200.00.  Must demonstrate risk of food insecurity and provide documentation from Swoops Pantry.  Federal Cost of Attendance allowance for Room/Board will be used to determine approval for food requests.
  • Examples of expenses not covered Expand dropdown
    • Books
    • Tuition, Fees, EMU housing, Ebill
    • Study abroad costs
    • Parking tickets or other fines
    • Non-essential utilities (i.e. cable, cell phone bill) and household needs
    • Credit card debt and/or Personal
  • Application Process Expand dropdown
    1. Complete the Student Emergency Fund application thoroughly including any supporting documentation.
    2. Committee reviews the application material and approves or denies the application.  Criterial for approval will be based on eligibility, documentation of need, and availability of funds.
    3. Payments are made directly to EMU student's account
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