Who are We?

Hayley Clock

She/Her/Hers  |   Coordinator for New Student Orientation

Hayley is an Ypsilanti native, and two-time graduate of EMU. In high school, Hayley was enrolled in the Early College Alliance program at EMU. While completing the program she decided to stay at EMU for her official college experience. Due to her love of Disney and Pixar, she decided to study Simulation, Animation, and Gaming. In her first semester, Hayley thought she should put her knowledge of EMU (from the years as an ECA student) to good use and become a tour guide. After a mix up, she ended up applying to be an Orientation Group Leader (OGL). Following the experience, she decided to continue on with various Orientation roles. She has done almost every job offered in the office (including OGL, Connect Group Leader, Student Assistant, SWAT team member, Graduate Assistant, and now Orientation Coordinator). 

After graduating with her Bachelors degree, Hayley realized she missed the Orientation experiences. About six months later, she decided to apply for EMU’s Higher Education Student Affairs Masters degree program and make Orientation her career.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys coaching two youth soccer teams, watching soccer games and movies, and crafting.

Fun Fact: Hayley has held a koala at the Australia Zoo.


Bianca Aguirre

She/Her/Hers  |  SOAR Graduate Assistant

Bianca is a second year Higher Education/Student Affairs graduate student. She is currently the graduate assistant of SOAR. Bianca has also worked as a graduate assistant for the University Writing Center. She hopes to continue working in Higher Education and ensuring students are supported during their time here at Eastern Michigan University. Bianca enjoys working in Orientation because it has given her  insight into the admissions process. 


Fun Fact: Bianca has a three legged cat named Bridget.

Melissa Urieta

She/Her/Hers |  EMU Connect Graduate Assistant

Melissa is the graduate assistant for EMU’s three day orientation, Connect. She is in her second year of her graduate school program, Higher Education/Student Affairs. This is Melissa’s first year working for orientation and she really enjoys the orientation team, the behind the scenes of orientation and the ability to interact with incoming students. 

Fun Fact: Melissa was born in California but was raised in Holland, MI.

Faith-Destiny Robinson

She/They/Theirs | Student Assistant for SOAR

Faith-Destiny came to EMU as a transfer student from Detroit. They are currently a fourth year Social Work major in undergraduate studies. Although they are a SOAR student assistant you may also see them during EMU Connect leading the SWAT Team (Logistics Team for Connect). Faith-Destiny is the current vice - president of the ABSW or Association of Black Social Workers here at Eastern Michigan University. What Faith-Destiny loves about working in Orientation are the opportunities it has given them to meet new people and develop new professional skills. During their free time in the summer they host a Queer/Trans inclusive beach event in Detroit called They Beach. After their time at Eastern they hope to work more closely with the LGBTQIA+ community in the field of social work to provide more inclusive and adequate services. 

Fun Fact: Faith loves Elephants! 

Randall Strack

She/Her/Hers |  Student Assistant for SOAR

Randall is an Therapeutic Recreation major with a minor in Special Education. This is her third year at Eastern. Randall is also the co-coordinator for the SWAT team ( during EMU Connect. What Randall likes about working with orientation is that she gets to experience everything that she missed out on her freshman year due to covid. During her free time Randall enjoys spending time at her local senior center volunteering. After graduating from EMU Randall hopes to become a senior center activities director. 

Fun Fact: Randall has 6 sets of grandparents

Isis Ramsey

She/Her/Hers   |   Student Assistant for EMU Connect

Isis is a second-year Interior Design undergrad student.

Learning new things about Eastern through orientation is her favorite thing so far about EMU. Isis started working for orientation her freshman year as an OGL during the SOAR season, then rejoined orientation in the summer as SWAT, and now in her sophomore year is one of the Connect Student Assistants.  

Fun Fact: Isis has lived in 5 states so far and is from Virginia.