Mission Statement

The Psychology Department promotes the science of psychology as an integrated discipline of distinct subspecialties. Each of these emphasizes the contributions of theory, research and practice to our capacity for describing, understanding and predicting behavior and mental processes while respecting the diversity of people in the context of a global society.

The Department provides instruction to undergraduate and graduate students who are either Psychology majors or enrolled in Psychology courses. The Department provides an appropriate number and variety of courses for students majoring in psychology leading to the bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctoral degree, as well as service courses for other disciplines.

The Department provides opportunities for students to explore careers in psychology by encouraging student research and field placements. To enhance these student opportunities, the Department supports faculty research and service in the diverse areas of psychology.

Specifically, our mission is:

  • To generate knowledge of basic psychological processes and contextual influences on psychological and physical functioning
  • To apply knowledge to promote health and welfare in a pluralistic society by enhancing the functioning of individuals and social systems
  • To translate knowledge into science-based programs, policies, and professional practices responsive to societal needs
  • To transmit knowledge through educational programs that inform individual development, provide understanding of human behavior and psychological processes, and prepare scientist-practitioners to become future leaders and innovators within mental healthcare systems

The department has articulated its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our DEI statement and action plan

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