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Peer Reviewed Publications

*indicates EMU Student author

(note: Dr. Lawler is a member of the Michigan Collaboration for Infant Mental Health Research group)

Book Chapters

  • Lawler, J. M., Muzik, M., and Rosenblum, K.L. (2018). Mom Power: A Parenting Group Intervention for Mothers with trauma histories. In Motherhood in the Face of Trauma - Pathways Towards Healing and Growth. Springer.
  • Lawler, J. M. & Causadias, J. (2014) Neurobiology and genetics of attachment. In Torres de Cádiz, B., Causadias, J. M., & Posada, G. (Eds.) Attachment theory: Research and clinical applications. Madrid: Psimatica.
  • Lawler, J. M., & Gunnar, M. R. (2012). Implications of research on postinstitutionalized children for practice and policy in early education. In Pianta, R.C. (senior ed.),  Justice, L., Barnett, S. & Sheridan (associate eds.).

    Handbook of Early Childhood Education. (pp. 457-479). New York: Guilford Press.

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