June 19, 2012 Meeting Schedule

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Individual Documents


Tab A: Open Communications

Tab B: President's Report

Tab C: Resolution: Dr. Sally Burton-Hoyle

Tab D: Resolution: Dean Morell D. Boone

Tab E: Resolution: Dean David E. Mielke

Tab F: Proposed Minutes of the April 17, 2012 Regular Board Meeting

Consent Agenda

Section 1: Emeritus Faculty Status

Section 2: Academic Affairs Administrative/Professional Appointments/Transfers

Section 3: Academic Retirements/Separations

Section 4: Faculty Appointments

Section 5: Faculty Reappointments

Section 6: Faculty Tenure Appointments

Section 7: Faculty Promotions

Section 8: Lecturer Promotions

Section 9: Staff Appointments

Section 10: Staff Separations/Retirements

Regular Agenda

Student Affairs Committee

Section 11: Report and Minutes

Athletic Affairs Committee

Section 12: Report and Minutes

Section 13: FY 2012-2013 Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Budget

Section 14: Review and Approval of Coach Salvatore Verdi's Employment Agreement

Educational Policies Committee

Section 15: Report and Minutes

Section 16: Appointment of Charter Schools Board Members

Section 17: Reissuance of Charter School Contracts for Great Lakes Academy and Academy for Business and Technology

Section 18: Authorization to Process New Charter School Applications

Section 19: Institutional Accreditation Process

Section 20: Program Deletions

Section 21: Program Approval: Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Section 22: New Policy: Enrollment Innovation and Growth

Finance, Audit and Investment Committee

Section 23: Informational Reports and Financial Updates

Section 24: FY 2012-2013 Tuition and Fees Recommendation

Section 25: FY 2012-2013 General Fun Operating Budget Recommendation

Section 26: FY 2012-2013 Auxiliaries Fund Operating Budget Recommendation

Section 27: FY 2012-2013 Capitol Budget Recommendation and 3-Year Capitol Plan

New Business

Section 28: Policy Revision: Emeritus Staff Status 3.4:2.4

Section 29: New Policy: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Section 30: New Policy: Fraud

Section 31: Policy Revision: Policy on Policies

Section 32: Approval of the Management Agreement between Eastern Michigan University and Eagle Administrative Services and termination of the July 1, 2001 Management Agreement between Eastern Michigan University and Eagle Crest Management Corporation

Section 33: Appointment of Two Members to the Joint Oversight Committee Established in Section 9.1 of the Management Agreement between EMU and MFS Ypsilanti Holdings, LLC

Chairman's Comments