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EMU Research

EMU Resources for Undergraduate Research or Creative Projects

Undergraduate Research Stimulus Program:

Students earn $2,200 to work on a project and faculty mentors receive $600 to support the work. Any student participating in a mentored research or creative project with tenure-track faculty may apply.

Two deadlines annually:  November 2 for winter awards and February 17 for summer awards (both close at 11:59 PM).

McNair Scholars Program:

Students intending to pursue master's or doctoral degrees receive multiple forms of support to assist them in completing their undergraduate degrees and applying to graduate schools.  


Honors Undergraduate Fellowships:

Students are awarded $1500 to work on special projects including mentored research and creative projects.  Applicants must be a members of the Honors College.

Two deadlines annually:  November 1 for winter awards and April 1 for summer and fall awards.


Undergraduate Symposium Scholarships:

Scholarships are available to any student who has participated in the most recent Undergraduate Symposium.  Awards are worth from $300-$800 for the following fall semester.  Awards of $1000 are available for graduating seniors who are continuing on to graduate work at EMU.

Elevating Communities, Inspiring Generations

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