Sisterhood Scholars Program

The Sisterhood Scholars Program is a first-year student experience designed to increase retention and graduation rates for students identifying as Women of Color.  The Sisterhood Scholars program is housed within the Academic Success Partnerships (ASP) office, which is a department committed to creating an inclusive campus environment for all students and providing them with necessary tools and resources to be successful in work, school, and life.

Through collaborative university partnerships the Sisterhood Scholars Program guides students in their transition to college. Providing an extended orientation, a residential community, designated courses, mentorship, and workshops. Dedicated staff lead and facilitate programming that is centered around three key developmental areas: academic, human and socio-cultural. Sisterhood students are connected to staff, faculty, alumni and community members to provide a network of support along their collegiate journey.

Am I eligible to apply for Sisterhood Scholars?

Eligibility requirements to participate in the Sisterhood Scholars program are as follows:

  • Admitted to EMU as a first-year student beginning in the fall semester
  • Reside in Sellers Hall if you select on-campus housing
  • Read and agree to Sisterhood Scholars program requirements
  • Complete the Sisterhood application (priority consideration will be given to those who apply by February 15th)

Once your completed application has been received, it will be reviewed. Following the review, select applicants will be scheduled for an intake interview. The interview will include the applicant, the applicant’s parent(s)/guardian(s), and representatives from Academic Success Partnerships and EMU faculty partners. The combined results of application and intake interview will determine those students invited to participate in the program beginning in August.

How Do I Apply?

The application is now open for students desiring to participate in Sisterhood Scholars for the 2020-2021 academic year! Apply by clicking the link below.

Sisterhood Scholars Application

A photo of two female students smiling in front of the student center lake.

Sisterhood Scholars

The Sisterhood (Helping Others Obtain Degrees) Scholars Community is part of a university-wide initiative designed to foster a stronger sense of community for women of color at EMU. Through collaborative partnerships with campus offices and community organizations, this initiative strives to help more women of color persist and equips them with tools to be successful once they earn their degrees. The Sisterhood Scholars Community is for incoming, first-year women of color who are freshmen at the university.

Brotherhood Scholars

Brotherhood Scholars

The Brotherhood Scholars Community is part of a university- wide initiative designed to engage and foster a stronger sense of community for men of color at EMU. Through collaborative partnerships on campus and in the community, this initiative strives to help more men of color persist and show participating in specific success-driven activities can benefit men of color regardless of their prior level of academic achievement.