Accepted Students

It is your responsibility to complete all required post-acceptance forms (found in your online application portal) and online orientation in Canvas well before program departure. The orientation will answer many of your questions about your upcoming experience.

Remember, should you need to withdraw, you need to inform the Office of Study Abroad in writing via letter or email at The day of official withdrawal is the day your email or letter is received in our office. You will be responsible for financial costs incurred as stated in the cancellation policy in your application.

  • I've already been admitted, what do I do next?

    Your next steps are to “commit” to the program after receiving your acceptance email. You’ll then need to access your online application to complete any required, post-admission documents. Refer to your program application page or contact our office if you are not sure.

    It is your responsibility to complete all required post-acceptance forms (found in your online application portal).

  • What is the online orientation?

    All students are required to complete mandatory online orientation in Canvas well before program departure. Orientation will answer many of your questions about your upcoming experience regarding EMU policy, procedures, healthy and safety, cross-cultural learning, financial matters and much more. You will be sent an invitation after admission to join the orientation, which contains quizzes and questionnaires in Canvas.
  • I have been officially accepted into my program, but I need to withdraw. What do I need to do?

    Withdrawal from the program post-acceptance must be made in writing via a letter or email to our office at It is not enough to simply decide to withdraw or tell a faculty member you are dropping. Your date of withdrawal will be the date the letter or email are received by APA; thus, it is important to be aware that you are responsible for the program fee according to the current policies as outlined in the application portal before withdrawing.

    Once again, stating to the program leader or faculty member you are dropping is NOT considered official withdrawal.

  • Should I buy trip cancellation insurance?

    If you withdraw from a program, you may be responsible for the entire program fee, depending on the date of your official withdrawal. You may want to investigate and consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. This coverage is optional and an additional cost to you. You would be responsible for securing and paying for this coverage. 


    Insurance organizations included here are for informational purposes only.  Listing  does not imply Eastern Michigan University endorsement.   

  • How do I register for the course(s)?

    Once you have been accepted, completed post-acceptance forms and any other post acceptance requirements, you’ll be sent a CRN to register for the course(s) through email.
  • What about payment, financial aid and scholarships?

    After you have registered for your study abroad course, charges will be put on your account (E-bill). This will include a registration fee, program fee and University tuition and fees. The due date for payment aligns with the University billing calendar and all questions may be referred to Student Billing Services. Financial aid and scholarships will disperse once the bill is generated after your registration.

    If you have not discussed your budget with financial aid, your should immediately see them. Additionally, Student Business Services may be able to set up a payment plan so that you can pay for your program in installments over the length of the semester.

  • What about international health insurance?

    Study abroad students are enrolled in an international insurance plan as part of their program. The cost of which is included in the program fees. Most students will be enrolled in GeoBlue—the International Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy. Others will be enrolled in an equivalent policy depending on the program.

    Once enrolled post acceptance, most of you will receive an email from GeoBlue to set up your user account. GeoBlue will assist you in locating the closest doctor's office or hospital while you are abroad. They will, to the best of their ability, provide advanced clearance of payment to the office or hospital on your behalf. Should payment not be cleared prior to the appointment, and you are asked to pay the bill, please obtain an itemized copy of the bill/receipt. You’ll need to contact GeoBlue to file a claim for reimbursement and this information will be required.

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